Which is better online?

Tekken 6 or Super Street Fighter 4? On Playstation 3.

I’m really sorry if I’m breaking any rules by posting this, I’m not trying to make a vs thread. I played both games and have been a fan of both series, but I’ve never gotten a chance to take either one online. I’ve searched and searched many sites the last day or two but I haven’t been able to find a honest, unbiased overview of both games online. I’m not interested in which game plays better, or which game has more “noobs” online or people being cheap, just the online netcode and mechanics. I want to pick up one on my lunch break today, I’m mainly getting it for a fun game to play online since I don’t have any yet.

For example:

  1. Which has the better netcode? I hear Tekken 6 has some major lag problems that has even the most dedicated Tekken fans calling it trash, I know nothing of SSF4 lol.

  2. What game modes do both have? Is one game clearly ahead in this category or are they both basically the same?

  3. Do more players play one or the other? Which game is it generally easier to find people to play with?

  4. Is the matchmaking ultimately the same? Does one game or the other do better in matching you with people around your skill level, if either do that?

  5. Which one has longer legs, so to speak? Which one will be around longer until a sequel or some other installment dethrones it and/or turns it into a ghost town? The longer I can go without having to spend $50+ on a new game to keep up with the joneses, the better. :wink:

Thanks guys, I hope I’m not breaking any rules here.

It all depends on where you are.

  1. Tekken does have the better netcode imo but only just.

  2. ssf4 is much better for game modes as it has ranked endless team play and tournament T6 only has ranked or unranked.

  3. As far as i can tell alot more people play ssf4 here then t6 (that is in the uk anyway)

  4. Both games suck ass at matchmaking so dont worry about that.

  5. There wont be another SF for ages i dont think. And as far as i know there is already a T7 in the works.

Basically both games suck online offline is waaaay better but its all about what you prefer.