Which is better? TE stick or SE stick replaced with full sanwa parts?


I’m trying to decide which I should get.


Te is better if you are lazy and have options for getting arthong’s plexi.


Doesn’t a Modded SE = TE?


no, a different case.

i like SE full sanwa because of the size, but thats just my taste.


weight is really an issue for TE, yet SE does not provide much stability with the light weight plastic.
Customs wins both i guess.


TE for sure, the SE case looks cheapo. And with a full plexi it looks great.


I prefer larger sized cases for lap play, so I’m saying TE.


I didn’t like either but if I had to choose it’d be the TE. SE is to smooshed together and feels like a shoe box while the TE is a lot bigger and won’t move on you. Feels like playing on a cinder block though. :lol:


I prefer the SE, because the smaller case is much easier to transport and has a great handrest.


TE, I like my cases heavy


se. i just prefer smaller cases i.e. namco <3




TE is larger, heavier, and doesn’t move around as much as the SE. But honestly, I’m sure they are pretty similar when it comes down to it. If you are lazy grab the TE.


TE hands down. i have both a TE (moddeD) and an SE modded with full sanwa and the TE just feels a lot more solid and a lot better to play on.


My vote goes for the TE (I have one of each). Plus, TE’s are on sale at Fry’s right now for $129.99. You can’t really beat it.


link please. Do they post to australia? I was going to buy from Capcom store for $149.


I have an SE and played on a TE before. I thought that I would prefer the smaller size of the SE but I don’t. I don’t really have a problem with the SE moving around or anything though so either one is good.


TE for me. My SE jumped around too much when I used it for lap play. Art’s plexi for custom art doesn’t hurt either.


Depends, if playing on my lap I prefer the TE. Playing on a tabletop, either works just fine.


Do you really abuse the stick that much? I never had to do that with sanwa.