Which is better to dual mod? Madcatz TE(PS3) or 360

Hi guys i was thinking of buying a TE stick to dual mod so they can be used on both a ps3 and xbox360 and was wondering which was better to get in general (360 vs. ps3)

Maybe things like cost to mod each, responsiveness of each when modded, and difficulty to mod each type. I am really curious if modding these sticks stuffs up any response time etc.

I read a few threads but none really compared the differences between the two. Has anyone experienced modding both?

thanks in advance! my first post please be nice :wgrin:

mod the 360 one with cthulhu


much easier to deal with a cthulu than hacking a 360 pad…

I was wondering the same thing…

Pardon me for being a noob but is it easier to use xcm cross battle adapter over just hacking a ps3 controller I’ve got collecting dust in the corner?

Also whats cthulhu :sweat:

toodles makes a custom ps3 board that is very simple to use compared to hacking a pad…

wow so the 360 is far more simple? thats great =) i maybe its in a thread already but is there a guide how to do it step by step? i’ll go look now to see if its already been discussed.

also does toodles have a site? never heard of toodles before


More often than not, this thread is on the 1st page of the Tech forums.