Which is considered the best SamSho?


Just wanted to know which SamSho is considered the best/most balanced?


I’m pretty sure it’s SamSho2. But, as I understand, 5 Special and Tenka are pretty hot, too.


5Spec or Tenka i concur~


4 and tenka are the most popular here, at least.
tenka has superior gameplay, 4 is kinda broken, but its fun, so who cares.


Balance? Probably 1 and 3.
2, 4 and 5SP are considered competitive, then followed by 6 in popularity.


I always thought it was 2, but tbh I never bothered with the series too much past 3.



The rest dont’ count… that’s my opinion.


I don’t know about 1, but 3 is sort of like XMvsSF in that all the cast has bullshit to abuse so they don’t rise above one another. But this doesn’t equal balance.

I know four is played competitively by a few people, but its funny because all the broken stuff in that game becomes extremely apparent at the competitive level (a lot of stuff gets banned).

But it is fun.

Actually, I’m wondering how SS64 and its sequel would fare at the competitive level. I never really saw any big balance issues with those games nor have I heard of any, but considering the times I got to play the sticks on those games can be counted on two hands, obviously I can’t be certain.

Plus, SS64-2’s engine is based off of SS4, so people shouldn’t have any complaints about the game not being fun enough, or “too 3D for them”.