Which is easier to learn on pad?

MVC3 or SS AE?

I wont be bale to get a arcade stick for about 2months, so i was wonder which game is easier to learn on pad?

No one, any one, someone?

Probably MvC3, IMO. What you really should do is just save your money, sell all of your other games, and only play AE on stick and then get 3S later on. :smiley:

are you saying mvc3 because, it has simple? i dont want to use simple.

another question ps3 or 360 i have both systems

Which controller do you like better? When I used a pad I liked the PS3 as the D-Pad doesn’t suck like it does on 360.

MVC3 is easier because all 4 attacks can be mapped to face buttons. Having the shoulder buttons as assists is no big deal.
In SF4 2 attacks will have have to be mapped to the shoulder buttons which is extremely awkward.

The PS3 controller has a much better d-pad than the Xbox 360.

MVC3 just because most things and combos are way easier to hit (without simple) than SSFIV.

No, don’t use simple - that’s just asinine. The reason I said MvC3 is because of, well, just read what Miracle Matter said, hah.

i getting it for the 360 now, my r1 and r2 on my ps3 broke/ * damit* have sf ae picked up sf ae today with the 360

MK9 basically has to be played with a pad. <<;

Boy are you in for a steep learning curve.

But id suggest MvC3?

i think ill like ssf ae better MVC3 i fine is to much random’ness

I would say MVC3 but I guess it would depend on who you use in SSF4:AE…

Speaking as a pad-player…

A lot of inputs are way easier in MvC3. Comparing to MvC2 for example without hotkeys it’s quite hard to press PP or KK for your Hypers. In MvC3 it’s easy as pie because you can press it like you would press a Tekken-style right throw (triangle+circle or Y+B). Moves like Drill Claw which required you to press an even funnier combination (LP+HK or LK+HP) are now easily pressed with Tekken’s left throw (square+X or X+A). Not to mention just being able to map them to shoulders anyway. Assists (in shoulder buttons) aren’t as “connected” to face buttons whereas in SF4 mashing LP~MP~HP (square~triangle~R1 or X~Y~RB) is very integral to characters with mashable specials such as Blanka or Chun-Li. In MvC3 there’s pretty much only three types of command inputs qcf, half-circle and DP (with a few rare down, down-inputs). SF4 has qcf, half-circle, 360, DP and Chicken Wing/Hooligan Combination-moves and some of those have double-versions.

MvC3 is brutal. SF4 is easier to learn as a game.