Which is easier to mod, a PS3 or 360 joystick?

I know this is posted already but I couldn’t find the post by searching for it. If somebody could direct me to the post, i would appreciate it.

I was wondering which would be easier to mod. If i got a joystick for the PS3, would it be easier to mod it for the 360, or would it be easier to get a joystick for the 360 and mod it to work with the PS3?

My friend said get one for the 360 as it would be easier to mod it to work with the PS3, using a cthulhu board, is this true?

Thanks for the help.

he speaks the truth …
as long as the 360 board is common ground … the hori boards arent cg so you will still have to hack it … the madcatz one are cg so get a 360 and cthulhu

Like what’s said above:

If it’s a Hori, you’ll need the Cthulu and a 360 pcb with a common ground (the later models). If it’s an SE/TE, get it for the 360 and dual-mod it with the Cthulu.