Which is easier?

which is much easier to use ? a console controller or arcade controller

Matter of preference…
Every person has their own opinion on which is easier to use.

Arcade is better overall. For charge partitioning, combos, and for the Raging Demon.

hmm i think so too, because in a controller you use mostly your thumb but in the arcade you use almost all fingers

I am using the pad for 3s as of now. I am trying to play stick though.

I use a ps1 pad. I have all the parts for building my own arcade stick… just been trying to get the paint job to come out right!

(in other words, it’s been on the backburner for months now :D)

HAH! I used to use that argument but in FAVOR of the console pads. After I got used to the actual joysticks in the arcade, I feel that having to use the whole hand instead of a thumb allows for more control for attention to details (more fingers provide better grip for me), but I’m VERY picky about controls (not on purpose, but based on how well I’m able to adapt). I admit that I haven’t completely adapted to ball sticks so far, but I hardly get the chance to try them too…