Which is the best american parts stick out right now?

So after trying to get my Mas Stick to work for GGPO for quite some time now, I’ve decided to just pass on this idea and get myself a USB stick. Ive played on my Mas for some time now and woul dlike to get something that has the same parts or close to it.

Which is the best stick out there that I can use for the PC that has american parts in it? how much will I be spending on this stick btw?

Thanks for any suggestions. Cheers!

Any american stick you get is going to be custom. Two that I know that make american sticks are Arcade in a Box and MAS. I’m sure you could hit up the trading forum and see if any custom stick makers would be willing to make an american box for you.

Really? I got the impression that people who bought brand new sticks usually took out the american parts and replaced them with japanese parts. And speaking of Mas, I would have gone with them but I cant seem to find the topic they had here a while ago.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Aside from X-arcade and the Street Fighter Anniversary Stick nobody mass produces “American” style sticks. American sticks won’t fit in a Japanese style case because the bases need about 2 3/4 inches thick case.

Mas tends to be hard to get a hold of. I suggest that you DIY with an X arcade.

The electronics and arcade parts are trash, but if you replace everything with this list it will be quite nice.

Also check out the trading forum. Somebody might be getting rid of a nice stick.


I somehow missed that you already own a Mas Stick. If you buy one of these:
Toodles Cthulhu for Multi-Console
A usb B cable and a wire cutter and stripper, you can replace the PCB in your mas stick by attaching the wires to this board. If you want to later get fancy with the MC Cthulhu to make it compatible for more systems you can.