Which is the best COMEBACK system in any fighting games?

I don’t know how balanced the Fist of the North Star’s comeback system is but I just like it the most because it feels so satisfying when you land it on your opponent

The one that involves actually beating your opponent with the same tools you started the match with, barring perhaps Super meter you’ve acquired throughout the match.

no comeback mechanic is the best comeback mechanic

Learning from your round 1 loss and beating your opponent in round 2 is the best comeback system. Taking your loss like a man is the second best comeback system.

Also: HNK? REALLY… a fucking 30-minute long combo that ends with you doing a fatality move when your opponent is at .000000001% life… aka, a big fucking waste of time… That’s good? I’d rather watch Mitsu play MvC2, so he can do his b/s 250% combo.

I voted kof but I prefer the samsho4 rage explosion where you sacrifice your rage meter.

K-Groove. Works like Revenge Meter in SF4, except you can Just Defend almost like a parry and you gain extra damage like X-Factor. Also like X-Factor, it runs on a timer.

The reason it’s superior to both of them, though, is that it doesn’t last anywhere near as long as X-Factor does and it doesn’t last FOREVER like Ultra does.


I’d argue that the FotNS one isn’t really a comeback mechanic since to perform it you had to have been kicking your opponent’s ass at one point. It’s more like a super that kills in one hit.

The GG Destroy moves aren’t really comeback mechanics either as they don’t get stronger when you’re losing.

Out of all the options listed here IMO Rage is the best one:
Activates at extremely low health (around 10%) and can be skipped over if your opponent kills you before it can activate. It also only gives you a damage increase which means you have to win by using the same options available throughout the match.

If you manage to remove all the 7 stars of your opponent in the 1st round, you don’t have to use it right away but save it for the next round (in case you’re the one who’s getting your ass handed to you this time in the 2nd round). The opponent will only gain back 1 star for each round. The only way for the opponent to gain back all his 7 stars in the next round is if he eats your fatal move in the current round

I agree. Not to mention that If I recall correctly, it only increases striking damage so throws won’t save you.

The comeback mechanic used in this video.
What was that called?

Oh that’s right, SKILL!


i dont know if we can call the Fatal KO’s and the Destroy Moves comback mechanics, since the 1st one needs that you have to been whooping the ass of your oponent to be avaible, and the 2nd can be only being used effectively if you have dizzied your oponent, wich means that you need to beat the crap out of your oponent too

you fail man, hating on the most manly game on the earth, seriously?

No one said it yet?? :eek:
Bionic AAAAAAAAARM! :smiley:

You’ve also called me out for hating on various other games… I really hate almost any fighter that’s come out after 2k2 or so… Except maybe Tekken 6…

Where is my TMNT TF super bar? XD

You earn that by landing combos and blockstring. You get no bar for getting slapped around like a monkey.

Comeback mechanics are stupid. Every game with one either sucks or would be better without it. The last part is mainly related to Fatal Fury Special, which happens to be a good game. I won’t even get started on the ones that come with a long and annoying animation before players can actually play again.

If comeback mechanics are stupid in wholesale, then do we apply that to every “New” character in Super Turbo?

What comeback system is built into ST? Super moves aren’t a “comeback” mechanic.

You build far more bar when you have less health too!