Which is the best COMEBACK system in any fighting games?

ss4 rage burst

There are plenty of hidden comeback mechanics the games don’t tell you about.
ST in particular has A LOT of hidden shit in its system.
Don’t diss the idea of a comeback mechanic when you have been enjoying it without even knowing about it.

Best comeback factor?
Well X-factor, of course.




VF has the best comeback mechanic.


Don’t know much about ST, but from what I can tell, that depends on the super and the character. At the very least, the discussion we have today about X-Factor, Ultra and such started when Super Moves were introduced in ST.

Super Turbo wasn’t the first fighting game to have supers… I believe that crown goes to an SNK game… though I could be wrong, but I do remember asking somebody once why Ryu can’t have a super move but some game on an 4-game SNK cabinet could… Art of Fighting? World Heroes? I don’t know…

Ultras happen when you get hit.
Rage (Tekken) happens when you’re low on life
K groove happens when you get hit and when you JD.
X-Factor is BOOSTED as you lose characters…

Thus they’re “comeback” systems.

Super meter builds on offense a lot more than defense in Super Turbo, thus it’s just a part of the fighting system, rather than a “comeback” system.

You’re wrong, dude. They are either a slippery slope function, or a get-out-of-jail-free-card. For the first instance, you play against Boxer. The second one, Dictator.

Who was this directed at?

When you say “comeback” system, I think what you mean is “scrub support system”. The best comeback system is to leave it raw and make them man up and go it alone. X factor, Rage? Forget that. If someone can take that much life away from you to the point you need a comeback then work for it, clearly its possible to do that much damage in the game so pull yourself together and give back a little fight. I cant stand this freebie damage attitude we have now if youre not performing. You need to make “Keep it raw” an option in this poll for sure.

Its so satisfying when you comeback without using your ultra in SSF4. Once you keep it raw for a win you’ll understand why artificial “comeback” systems just shouldnt exist.

I actually prefer no comeback mechanic but If you say that ST Supers count as a comeback mechanic than yes ST\HDR was and is the best! It forces you to play more offensively cause you wont get a full meter just by being slapped around (like some other games) you have to work for it.

Wakeup Ultra is the best.

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They are a slippery slope mechanic. One is doing damage, doing chip, getting a few knockdowns, cornering the opponent, and yet gets to charge his super meter. Now one is losing, and has some of his offensive options nullified by the enemy due to reaction punishment and the risk of attacking also higher due to prediction.

I’m thinking about something… and this does count as a comeback system, that I’m glad you can’t implement against people…

Remember in KoF when you die (especially against impossible fucking bosses), you get the option to have an advantage… Yeah, I really like that… lol

You know when they added Rage to T6, they also nerfed the low parry. And the low parry was a comeback mechanic on it’s own because when you had sliver of life people could start mixing up the safe mids with the small d+1s and d+4s that were safe but now also deadly, but the old low parry could punish that d+1/d+4 with a juggle that depending on position could do more than 50%, leading to bullshit comebacks without any rage. It’s also important to mention that some characters got a launch off of a punch parry, and some couldn’t.

Now the parry causes bound and as such, really nerfs the juggles you could do after it.

So a comeback mechanic doesn’t have to be something that spells out in big letters “I’M A COMEBACK MECHANIC!”

edit: you could also add hopkicks (and other launchers like dragonov’s) to the list because those moves have evasive properties AND launch for a juggle. Pretty stupid idea as they should spread those 2 qualities and not have them both in the same move.

How do you not mention Samurai Shodown?

This, and just stopping by to drop off my KOF vote :slight_smile:

does it really? Never knew and/or noticed.

No prob.

Also I THINKKKKK that it was the very first game that “build” super bar by hitting your opp . Please dont confuse with “have least life then free death move” (early fatal fury) or “hold 2 buttons to charge meter” (early kof/Art of Fighting)or “get beaten to access special move/more damage” (SamSho/Primal Rage).

Could be wrong.

Also forgot to mention Killer Instinct.

In the Finish Him/Her screen you could mash to COME BACK and do INSANE damage but just had a sliver of life. Even a 1%chip damage move could kill you.

NINJA EDIT: Also isnt a combo breaker a comeback mechanic itself?

I never mind any comeback mecs that gave you meter over time (BlazBlue has this, you slowly gain meter when you’re 30% below on health).

However, K-Groove makes me laugh in CvS2. It’s the groove that rewards you for playing bad ;p

Guilty Gear has the best comeback mechanic: You just dash forward to go kick your opponent’s ass and the game gives the a little bit of meter for doing so.