Which is the "best" sanwa ??

Allright I am gonna go ahead and give sanwa a try and see how it goes.Now questions:

  • Which sanwa is the most prefered(like how happ comp sticks are famous around here)?

  • Is there a bat top shaft(I recall seeing em on darkside sticks)?

  • Is there an optical p360 type Sanwa ?

What exactly is the difference between sanwa and semistu(spelling??) ? Thanks in advance ! :tup:

There aren’t really many types of Sanwa that I remember except between the regular one (the technical name slipped outta my mind) and the flash type. The flash type is basically an optical p360 type (no clicking noises) but I’ve heard they’ve discontinued that product.

And they do have a bat top shaft.

How about buttons ?? I see several different types on himuragames.How big is the 30mm compared to regular happcontrols convex buttons ??
(guesing 30mm is the standard)

they’re just alittle bigger. The small buttons are mainly for start and select.

Well, there are many kinds of Happ sticks, but we basically only pay attention to four of them. While there are undoubatably more Sanwas than I know about, we pretty much only see three here.

The lever switch JLW, it’s almost like Sanwa made a super.

The ever popular JLF, which has its microswitches on a removable PCB.

And the Flash which is exactly like a JLF except that it uses a different PCB with diodes or whatever of it.

I think the JLW is a bat only, while the JLF can use the same bat with an adaptor. They are smaller bats than Happ.

The 30mm buttons are a little wider than Comps, but have a lower profile. The pressable surface is significantly wider than Comps. These pics should be a decent comparison.


There is no click with Sanwa buttons either. They are very sensitive.

honestly when it comes down to making a sanwa stick its a hell of a lot harder than happ… u have to perfectly measure the width of the wood to mount them in so they snap if u use those… a good way to mount it is in solid lexan which is they way i did mine.
SANWA and SEIMETSU(spelling?) are nearly the same… some ppl say sanwa is way better button for fighting games because of its sensitivity over the seimetsu which is prefered for like the shooter games which just need mashing.

over all buttons i really prefer the happ convex ones… they just seem so durable to me compared to sanwas and i like how i glide them easy and the feel of the switch inside… so like a hybrid sanwa /happ convex stick is really awesome.

another thing was that i am a upright HAPP COMP man so when i first played on a sanwa stick i felt like i was gonna break the dainty little thing lol

leave sanwas to the pro’s snaaake, its tough to build. (Joke).

just use the standard clicky ball top. might as well go all out japanese instead of getting the bat top.

What the hell are you talking about I build cabinets…THE BIG ONE…everyone knows I am the best ! :encore:
(stop braging…you didnt even build your sanwa…you uncle did lol j/k)

Thanks for the infos everyone.Arcadestickmonk,where can I get an optical/flash sanwa ? ? They are discontiued for good ? ?

if you want to compete in Japan, the microswitch sanwas with square gates are the standard at most arcades. I would go with that.

I have a flash in my darkside stick with sanwa buttons and it is far and away the best stick ever. Perfect for 3S and awesome for every other fighter, 2D and 3D alike.

Imo flash >>> jlf

:wow: scandalous! lol it’s not my fault i have access to proper tools that make knocking up a box easy even for me. i’ll post a pick of the inside of my box to show how simply the design is if you actually doubt that i made it myself.

trust me, if my uncle made it himself, it would blow my shitty box away easily.:xeye:

anyway back to your topic, just stick to happ bruv, you need precision to handle a sanwa. judging from your wonky drillin’, i doubt it’s for you! haha :badboy: you got ae? we need to play that shit. 3s snaaake, you know you want to!

For good, nobody knows. For now, definitely.

Rod’s almost certainly out of them, but you could ask.

Possibly you’re best bet is to buy one from a fellow SRKer. Byrdo makes a new Flash stick every three days; maybe you could buy one of his.

I have one, but just for novelty. I fully intend to make the JLF my staple.

I just wanted to throw out that the only difference between the flash and a normal JLF is that one middle piece. Gate, spring, shaft, actuator, EVERYTHING else is identical. Outside of the clicking, and the negligible resistance of the switch, you couldnt tell one from another without cracking it open. This isn’t the same as a Happ Competition versus a P360; they are entirely different beasts, while the sanwa flash versus JLF are exactly the same.

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Last question,the bat shaft fits sanwa flash ? Thanks again for all the info everyone.I will look for both JLF and flash.

The bat top isn’t a replacement shaft; the shaft remains the same, which has threads on top. Normally the ball top is screwed on, but you can get a bat top to screw on in its place.

Hey, that gives me an idea…I wonder if I can get something else threaded to go on the stick, like an 8-ball or skull they use on stick shifts…hmmmmm

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uhhh yeah…ok haha
well snake from wat i hear ur pro and if i can build a swampin sanwa stick i know that u can… and kudos on your crazy mamecab… very tite and love the vinyl on the side…

since the snap ins are cheaper from Rod i suggest gettin those and mounting it in lexan like i did… and the same for the JLF pretty much… oh yeah and dont go for a Bat top… if your like me who is a happ man then u will be like WTF is this bat and compare it to a HAPP which is totally wrong…

okai basicly for mounting my buttons i used basic 3/4MDF… but where one would normally drill the holes for the stick and buttons i drilled a square for the stick(matches the mount plate if u use it) and a rectangle for the buttons as an open space…
then the lexan goes ontop with the HOLES i drilled in it for the buttons and the buttons snapped right in it…
thus i still had the majority of support from the wood and lexan without having to make a metal mount plate like ive seen someothers do which is way outa my league at this moment.

i sure hope this helps u get started unlike me who wasted wood instead of askin ppl around here lol

Hey Snake, I just top mounted this sanwa onto my joystick and it works like a charm. You simply cannnot beat the precision for 3S. Whatever you do, don’t get the bat top. It doesn’t feel right. The ball top works much better. By the way, I don’t recommend it for you. I’ve seen the way you play CVS2 all buck-wild with the A groove. This joystick was made for precision.

I play a-groove… i ordered a sanwa from DF, is that still alright for me?

Snake - clear out them PM’s homie.