Which is the better game: Capcom V SNK 2 - or - Marvel V Capcom 2? (for PS2)

I am looking to get one of these fighters (on PS2) and they are tough to get hold of because they were released 4 or 5 years ago on console, hence quite rare.

I would like to ask peoples opinion on which “Capcom Versus” game is the best to get when considering overall gameplay, customisation options, character numbers and diversity, depth of combat, gameplay features etc. I’m not that fussed about owning the Marvel game just for the popular comicbook characters, as I’m not a huge Marvel fan anyway and can get used to new characters if need be for SNK. I’m just after the solid gameplay.

I realise fight fans here will have their own preferences, but i’d like some feedback having never played either extensively (i’ve only played about 20 mins of Mavel V Capcom and thought it looked decent).

Gamespot and IGN both seem to rank Capcom V SNK 2: Mark Of The Millenium as the better out of the 2 games, but the Marvel game was released a year later so might it feature some better options in customisation or gameplay tweaks?


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… care to elaborate?

Well if this thread is just about what to get for PS2 then go with CvS2. The MvC2 port for PS2 sucks major ass.

IMO, MvC2 is more fun, but only if you play it right. It’s gameplay style isnt for everyone. I used to love CvS2, but after I got into 3s I stopped playing it for a few years, but I’m starting to get back into it. 3s is my favorite game though and Marvel is 2nd. I only play CvS2 because thats where the most comp is at in my town. It all depends on what the comp in your area. Neither game is gonna be fun unless you can find skilled players and learn to play them at high levels.

i must say that the two games cannot be compared. they are too different. fast super arial combo gameplay or more patient thinking game. MVC2 is very unique and i would say its hard to compare to other fighters.

Thanks Snake.

Are you saying the AI is no good even at higher difficulty?

if i were you i’d just go with cvs2 cuz marvel is way too expensive on ps2

Yeah, i noticed. Pre-owned, it’s going for full price even after all this time and could even fetch a higher price than a brand new PS2 game.

CVSNK2 doesn’t seem so expensive and i wondered why, was it because Marvel is the better game, or is it to do with the attraction of playing as Marvel characters?

mvc2 is out of print because capcom no longer owns the rights to marvel, hence the high price because of low supply and high demand.

i’d go with mvc2 but you might as well get a dc and get mvc2 for free lol. mvc2 is my best game, so of course i’d pick it. i suck at pretty much every other game

Marvel got a huge casual crowd due to its license (in additon to a serious crowd), whereas CvS2 is sorta ‘for fans’. Also, I think Capcom managed to publish more of CvS2 before they lost the license.

So more copies + smaller fanbase = lower price.

As for my personal take in modern fighters, I like 3s the most, enjoy GGXX, CvS2, and dislike MvC2.

As you noticed, the fighters I enjoy are slower. I like them more in the first place, but I feel like they’re more ‘casual’ friendly. That is, I can put in not a ton of time and be kind of decent-eque (competent execution, reasonably smart strategy). Yet those games “scale” well with skill as you can see by the Evo turnout and vids.

Yeah. Once you get good the computer cant even touch you even on max difficulty. Execution is the only reason to practice against the AI. Even if you make a mistake they wont be able to take advantage of it. Even if there was a game that gave a good challenge in terms of AI you would still just get alot of bad habits from playing since it’s so random and unorthadox.

In the U.S, Mvc2

In Japan, Cvs2

Marvel is only good cause the U.S made it good.

Cvs2 is only good cause Japan made it good.


i’m better in cvs2 by far but still, mvc2 still the best fighting game ever made.

MVC2 i have so much history with that game I remember the very first character i could perform an arial rave with… that game just kicks major ass! Plus there is always something new every year to be discovered look at what DUCVADER did!

Ummm…I like CvS2 more. A LOT more. I say go with that, especially since the port for CvS2 on the PS2 is better then that of MvC2.

Apples and Oranges. However, for the sake of making a purchase I’ll have to say CvS2.

Unless you have/planning on getting a Dreamcast, you’ll just end up being disappointed with the MvC2 port on PS2 if you have any intent on bringing your skill level up to even compete at a national level, let alone the world. There’s a nice handful of problems with both that and the XBox port that I don’t remember but makes certain higher level strats pointless.

Different strokes for different folks.

MvC 2 appeals to players who like an aggressive/rushdown style with a lot of hectic shit going on screen.

CvS 2 seems to take place at a lot more controlled pace, judging by how some tournament matches end up being complete turtle-fests.

But then again, that’s not the norm by which both games should be played, although it does appear to be the tendency.

i like cvs2 a ton better, but both are worth picking up. if you intend to get MVC2, get a dreamcast and the dreamcast version off ebay. you should be able to get both of them for about half the price of the inferior ps2 version

There isn’t even a scene for MvC2 in the UK. Then again there isn’t much of a scene for CvS2 either, I think most people play Slash or ST.

Honestly if you’re just planning on playing the AI I can’t see you getting much fun out of either game, unless you enjoy playing the AI in other fighting games (most people don’t bother playing against the AI at all). But CvS2 definitely has the more customization options of the two (color edit, ex grooves, etc).

You live in London, you should be practicing up ST and go play those guys at Goodge Street Casino :wink:

I’ll have to bear that in mind and will look to Goodge Street when i’m in the West End…

(btw what does ST mean - I’m not familiar with the abbrieviation)?

I do actually like playing against the computer to some degree as it can help me improve in execution of the moves and on how to counter cheap hits. I agree though that the best way is to fight against real human opponants, ideally in an arcade, but that’s not always a practical solution and involves cash spent on travel and eats, assuming one even has the time to get to the arcades when they also have work, and other commitments etc.