Which is the better game: Capcom V SNK 2 - or - Marvel V Capcom 2? (for PS2)

ST = Super Turbo.

GS & IGN are not reliable sources of information.
MvC2 came out in 2000 (arcade). CvS2 came out in 2001 (arcade).
Customization? There’s no such thing in fighting games. Well, there is color edit and groove edit in CvS2, but color edit is just for cosmetic purposes and it doesn’t affect gameplay and customized grooves (EX grooves) are banned in tournament play.

Anyways, the gameplay in both games in very different. I prefer CvS2 because I like the groove system and how it gives a lot ofvariety to the game and besides, several of my favorite Capcom/SNK characters are in the game. Both games have deep gameplay but I think MvC2 is harder to learn. Even though I prefer CvS2, I think MvC2 is more complex; controlling space, using assists properly, guardbreaks, traps, infinites, etc, in addition to the game’s lightining fast gameplay speed.

CPU always falls for dumb tricks. Playing CPU doesn’t even compare to playing a good human opponent.

I don’t think it has anything to do w/ which game is better. Both games are out of print and are hard to find. It probably has something to do with the fact that casual players are usually more impressed w/ MvC2’s fast gameplay and also due to the fact that they can play w/ their favorite Marvel heroes.

The best thing would be to try both games yourself and decide which one you like better. I’d say get both if you can.

I kinda go with the ppl who voted for CvSNK 2 ad with the reasons they gave, but I also vote MvC 2, true me & bro don’t play it a lot & we’re no experts (we know most of the basics like Aerial Raves & Launchers, etc.), but it is kinda fun a little.

CvS2 because it is the better game.


used to MVC2 for a while, till I found how broken that game is and how little variety it has…just like 3S

NEVER EVER try to learn from playing against cpu. it will only make you develop bad habits. cpu can do things that are impossible for a human being to do (no charge sonic booms, SWEEPING YOU THE VERY INSTANT YOU PRESS ANY BUTTON, UPPERCUTTING YOU THE MOMENT YOU PRESS ANY BUTTON). play against this bullshit long enough and you’ll be afraid to press buttons or even get close to a human opponents character for irrational fear.

they also fall for shit no sane human being would fall for (getting hit by a full screen super). do not ever try to learn anything from vs. cpu. just put the difficulty on default and use them as a combo dummy if you get bored in training.

Not unless some has one brand new never opened. I’ve seen some of the dreamcast versions of MVC2 run up to 200 bucks in that condition alone.

Monkey Meets Tiger: If I were you, unless you’re a collector of video games I wouldn’t bother purchasing MVC2 for PS2 at all, for all the reasons stated from the other SRK members. For competition you want the game to be arcade perfect because alot of tournaments switch back and forth from Arcade to Console. So like everyone else says, buy Marvel for Dreamcast instead.

regarding playing the CPU:

Yesterday, for kicks, I decided I would play Alpha 3 on hard with chun and only use db, b, or ub, and HP. I almost beat the game without losing a round.

If that worked against humans I’d be on my way to evo, but it doesn’t so i’m still scrub-tacular.

Well - just an update,

after the feedback from this thread (good PS2 arcade conversion) i decided to go for Capcom Vs SNK 2. From early play tests it seems like it’s a natural, spiritual succesor to a game like Street Fighter Alpha 3, but with the options of 3 fighter team play, and the ability edit grooves (very nice) and an expanded roster obviously to incorporate the SNK characters, duh. So far i think it’s ok.

minor criticisms that aren’t gameplay related but presentation related:

  1. Would have liked an option to soften the sprites, some kind of filtering, it does look incredibly sharp.
  2. Not a fan of the ingame music, but still want to hear some kind of music so i’m trying to bear with it.
  3. On connection of the supers/KOs it’s hard to tell for a second what has happened as the animation “KO” flash at the point of contact obscures the hit.

Guilty Gear X2 is one of my all time favourite 2-d fighters as i really love the switches from aerial/dust combat to ground play, so thinking about it perhaps i should have went for Marvel - but then if it’s a poor conversion that may have bugged me also so i’m giving CvSNK2 a honest chance to impress.

i have to disagree…in cvs2 i got against the cpu when no one is around to practice A groove combos…sometimes its easy in dummy mode then in a match i mess up so i practice so that when i start it i finish it…also in SF 3rd strike i go against the CPU for parry practice to increase my alertness and when i get in a parry combo off it. but i do agree that the Cpu is stupid in some areas and cant be compared to a human style of play.