Which is the most difficult in-game system?


I hope that this kind of poll hasn’t been started before. If so, feel free to close the thread but not flame me…

I only added the one’s that I know. Sorry, but I don’t play Marvel but I know that there is some intense stuff in there like Cable’s interrupt AHVB, but that’s not really a system. If you know another one that I didn’t mention, then please post it and vote under ‘Other’.


I just realized that Throw Escapes could have been an other options. This applies to most games with varying levels of difficulty.

Maybe a mod could add it in since I can’t edit the poll…


for me it has been Roll Cancel (CvS2). Roman Cancel is easy…you should put False Roman Cancel…those are more challenging (ugh…I-nos Chemical Love…)


You’re right. I totally messed up this poll, lol. Too bad I can’t edit it…


Utilizing VF’s system mechanics is a pain.