Which is the most violent ultra?


If they were real, which would be the most violent / damaging for one’s body. Ultra’s that use energy like metsu hadoken are out because we cant relate to real life.

What’s your opinions ?


Hm, I think one of the following;

  • Zangief U1
  • Fuerte U1/U2
  • Cammy U1/U2
  • Ibuki U2
  • C. Viper U2
  • Rolento U1
  • T. Hawk U2
  • Hugo U1


This made me realize, Cody should totally have an ultra where he just shanks you. Just one deep gut stab and then shrugs his shoulders and smiles.

I’d say most violent (as in they hurt you) of the ones we can recognize and relate to?

Rolento U2 is certainly top tier. Literally a lynching.
Rolento U1 got grenades so that’s up there, but they don’t seem to do much lol.
Cody U2 wrenches to the dome and a lead pipe to the spine can’t feel good.
Zangief U1 looks like he snaps your spine on his knee before the pile driver.
Hawk U2 he slams you in to the ground repeatedly, looks pretty painful (one of my fav ultras actually, nice and quick and cool looking)
Fei and Cammy’s U2s both look pretty damn painful for different reasons. I do wish Cammy’s U2 animated a little faster though.
Poison U2 honorable mention :wink: (The nut shot)


Hakan U2, dunno about you, but I don’t like the idea of a big red man lubing himself up and rolling all over my body before squeezing me out from between his legs.


I think you want the other thread.

“Which is the sexiest ultra?”


(Also I should remind you he says “HERE I COME!” which makes it even worse XD)


E. Ryu’s U2 = crushes your skull
Adon’s U2 = elbows to the back of your head followed by a stomp to your guts


I dunno man, depends what you’re into :wink:


E.Honda U2 and Zangief U2.

Dat Nuru Massage lol. But I find it a funny Ultra and also a quite effective one tbh.

Then again would you like this:


Adon Ultra 1, the jaguar sleepover.
Multiple fast & hard elbow hits followed up by a knee to the throat?


Poison’s kick to the balls of course


I always thought the nonconsensual “Poison Kiss” from Poison could be traumatic, especially for those who don’t swing that way


Evil Ryu’s. Slamming your head into the ground, followed by an explosion would be instant death.


Every single ultra in this game would be instant death, many including the people performing the ultra.


Juri’s Kaisen. Got some DBZ Kai-o-ken. So basically she broke the spine then the neck. That’s brutal.


No mention of Abel’s U1? Hugo U2?



he disintegrates you on molecular level


DCM is pretty painfully looking. I mean Decapre cuts you to ribbons and then shanks you into the ground.


To the OP. Technically almost none of SF4’s ultras relate to real life because even most of the ones without energy require inhuman feats of strength, speed, agility and athletics to perform. But to answer the question I’d have to say Hugo’s. He weighs like 1/4th of a ton at least. And this man is lauching you high into the air. Jumping up and falling on you from that high and crushing you. Every bone in your body is pretty much broken. All you can do is lay there in unbearable agony hoping he finishes you quickly.

But if we were to include energy based Ultras. Akuma’s Raging Demon and both of Oni’s Ultras because those Ultras actually kill the opponent.


Pretty sure the OP already knows that you can’t throw super large fireballs/uppercut someone’s back 50 feet in the air while children laugh/use a wrench as a baseball bat in real life.


I can’t take oni or akuma seriously anymore.After watching all the ultras in a zoomed out view I can’t.

Akuma’s U2 looks too funny to be lethal. He literally spins like a top in one place then flies fly whilst still spinning in one spot…I can’t help but laugh. Oni’s U2 makes it look like the opponent is doing the “HI HILTER!!!” pose when they get srk’ed. It just looks so funny.