Which is tough cyclopes or cable



i think cyclopes can beat up cable one on one with out using any help with other’s cable suck when close fight but when in distance fight damn i hate him… but style cyclopes still can match him up his kinda quick him more on chipping damage but it work’s fine when fighting cable one on one he’s and chicken when he fights by him self.:smiley: tha’s what i think what about you guy’s what do you think how’s d best or the weakest link…?



Not really, Cable can simply fp x 4 xx Psimitar if Cable jumps, and if Cyke tries to punish Cable for that, he can simply cancel THAT into an AHVB, not to mention psimitar stuffs his dash ins, and even if it’s blocked, Cyke doesn’t really have the range to get in, Overall, Cable, even if he’s alone. Has more options then Cyke does thanks to his AHVB and Psimitar, Being they both start up so quick when you look at them, though Cable can’t charge a meter nearly as quick as Cyke, so that’s about the only thing that comes into play. But all Cable needs is 3 meters, 3 meters = Dead (Or close to it) Cyclops.


IMO, if two scrubs are playing then cable wins.
After that its a toss up.
I have seen some really good one on one fights between cable and cyclops, and most of them were won and lost with meter.


sypher, you are stupid.

Cyclops doing a combo on Cable = he gets shot.
Cyclops trying to chip Cable = he gets shot.
Cyclops trying to do much of anything other than jump in = he gets shot.