Which is your favorite fighting game?


Ok maybe I should actually include games from the past since it is all time.

  1. Streetfighter 2
  2. Mortal kombat
    3 Killer Instinct
    These 3 fighters are what started me out so many years ago. I spent my teenage years in arcades. When we talk about the here and now though. I play sfxt more than anything. That’s a game you will not master overnight or in 6 months even. So much synergy to learn, and being a street fighter fan I had to learn all tekken characters like they were new since I haven’t played tekken since the 1st installment back on ps1. Some of my battles have been amazing. Some ppl just dominate the he’ll out of me too. It’s always fun for me.


So u like sfxt now. Good. Are u on psn? Look for me



Super Smash Brothers Melee
Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike


New favorite this generation…
Tekken Tag 2. I put over 50 hrs into it since I bought it a month ago… That’s with a full time job. Shit’s crack.



Most fun I’ve ever had with a fighter, next to Melee.


1 Third Strike
2 Super Turbo
3 CVS2
4 MVC2

I suck at MVC2 though. I have some interest in Guilty Gear but have never taken the plunge.


sonic the fighters(the only broken game I actually like playing)
smash bros melee
Street fighter alpha 3
persona 4 arena




My personal favorites+ reason why I’m in the FGC today.




Favorite game is
1 Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
2 Super Turbo


Number 1 for me would have to be SFII Series/ST, I remember playing the shit out of it when I was a kid even though I had no idea what the hell I was doing. Now that I’m older and understand fighting games a little bit more I enjoy ST alot more, it’s simple but deep.

  1. 3rd Strike, I dedicated lots of time on this game and I still consider myself crappy. This is the game that made me realize that people play fighting games competitively. I was basically in my own world unaware of such things. I had lots of fun watching tourney vids and trying to mimic what I saw, good times. Got a good amount of friends to play this game with me too.

  2. MvC2, really fun game. I was playing around with this game before 3rd strike made me realize there’s high level play and tournaments for fighting games. So most of my time was dedicated to making teams and just messing around… but it’s a fun game gameplay wise so I just loved playing it.

  3. CvS2, this was the game I played after I wanted something new to play after I played MvC2 alot but it was before I discovered 3rd Strike. I played this the most with one of my friends cause he really liked the game when I introduced it to him, for MvC2 I was playing alone like all the time, but with CvS2 I actually had someone to play with. Some good memories being scrubby with my buddy.

5, Guilty Gear series, I remember renting Guilty Gear X from a Hollywood Video haha. This game was so odd and foreign to me but at the same time I thought it was fun and cool… the music was really awesome. When I showed this game to my CvS2 friend it blew his mind and then the various Guilty Gear games became a staple of what I played with him. This was around the time I discovered 3rd Strike for myself so I was aware of the high level play for this series but I never tried to reach that level of play for GG because I was so entranced by 3rd Strike at the time. Now that +R and Xrd will be coming out I think it’s my chance to learn more about this game, most of my knowledge is from watching match vids.

Well that’s my top 5 basically, I didn’t get to play lots of games when I was younger since my family wasn’t too well off financially… so I didn’t get to play SNK games and such even though I think they’re awesome now that I’m older and can actually buy the games. Other than SFII and the older Versus games I didn’t get to play the games on my list till I was starting high school.

a list of modern games for me would be

  1. MvC3 series, lots of things I don’t agree with but I play it alot.
  2. KOFXIII, best game of this new generation in my opinion, don’t have anyone to play with so I can’t sum up the desire to play it consistently.
  3. Tekken Tag 2, great game wish I had more time to play.
  4. Injustice, simple and fun… easy to get into.
  5. SFIV series, it was fun while it lasted for me but I got sick of the changes.

Never played MK9, TvC, HDR, Skullgirls, Virtua Fighter, SFxT, and Persona extensively to give an opinion about but if I did I know VF, TvC, and maybe Skull Girls will be on my modern list.

  1. KOF 98( I love the speed, the characters, the rush of the game play, I could go on forever.)
  2. Garou Mark of the Wolves ( Love this game. 3rd Strike is a better game mechanics wise but I like Garou a ton.)
  3. Street Fighter 4(Game that got me into competitive play, I really like it.)
  4. Soul Calibur 2 (I’m a scrub at all 3d games but I always have fun mashing buttons in SC2)
  5. Samurai Shodown 2( Really basic game, strong footsies)

This is just a top 5 that actually isn’t in order. I like all of these games more or less equally. SSBM is an honorable mention along with Tekken 2, Breakers Revenge and Marvel vs Capcom 2.

  1. 3rd Strike,
  2. SF4,
  3. Skullgirls
  4. KoF XIII.

Love the pacing of 3rd strike and parries are really neat. I’ll probably get into Yatagarasu when Attack on Cataclyms comes out next year. Also P4A would probably be on that list but I gotta get myself a copy. Region lock killed my hype for the game but after playing P4G I want to play it more than ever >_>


Don’t really wanna list any, but if i had to pick one I’d say Power Stone. That thing was the game that got me into fighting games since it was so simple to play and made me curious how other fighting games were like.

  1. Soul Calibur 2 (first fighting game for me on a console)
  2. Marvel vs Capcom 2
  3. Dead or Alive 3
  4. Blazblue Calamity Trigger
  5. Smash Brothers Melee


Tekken Tag 2
Tekken 5 DR
Tekken 6 PSP
X-Men vs. Street Fighter
Marvel vs. SF
Marvel 1
Naruto Generations
Naruto Storm 2
Super Smash Melee
Darkstalkers PSP
Naruto Heroes 3
Tekken 3
Tekken Tag 1
X-Men Next Dimension

I’ve never played DoA but I’m getting 5 ultimate. Just playing KoF for the first time with 2003.


My favorite fighting game series is Street Fighter hands down, but sometimes, it is tough for me to decide which specific game in the series is my favorite. I feel as if every Street Fighter game has its own quirk and feel that sets it apart, which kind of upsets me when an outsider looking in claims that every game is the same. I’m the type of person who keeps track of how many editions each SF game got, what year they came out, and what differences they brought, so I know a good bit.

I would say Street Fighter III 3rd Strike or Ultra Street Fighter IV is the best of the series. I love the complexity of SF33S and I love that USF4 has almost every character in the series. It’s like the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate of Street Fighter.