Which is your favourite gametrader site?


Do you have any experiences with game marketplaces? Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


hey broo, c u r kinda new there… u know hard to answer ur question honesty…it depeds what u wanna get… let me know n i may help ya


I mean have you tried to buy anything via game auction site for example: goozex, cheapass or gladriel. I was searching a bit on google and found these game auction sites for first. I think there are too much sh*t on Amazon and Ebay. I want to be “part” of a more game specific site which I can trust. So I just want to know if you have any positive or negative experiences with these (or other) pages. Peace Broo :smiley:

I’ve never heard about gladriel… Till now!:slight_smile: “A new internet-based auction and gamer site named Gladriel, where gamers from all over the world can auction their old games, or they can bid on other games, has opened its gates…” It seems useful…

I’ve never heard of game trader sites until now. Someone please enlighten me. I’ve never sold any games online. I had planned to do it through amazon or ebay, but I need something that I can get less raped using. Has anyone had any bad deals and how do you prevent them from happening?

Ok, so my impressions based on a very few trades (!):

Definitely works, not real “auction” feeling though,
recommended if you have time and patiance to wait in a usually huge queue

New site with a bunch of promotional stuffs (e.g. GowIII+PS3 combo) as well as user uploaded auctions, definitely worth to register and “buy” (for free actually) some “raffle” tickets. Brand new concepts like “Dutch” and “Raffle” (that look promising but who knows…)

Good community and cool forum threads on games, second hand market, etc.
unfortunately my very first trade went wrong, so i would’nt recommend it (based on a singe trade however, so you can give it a try)

You know, but imho: Gladriel rocks, Goozex works, CheapAss… was bit pricy for me at the end.

Bad deals happens sometimes, but it definately worth to try trading because you can get games (even new games) for half price!

Good luck!

I get on cheapgamer all the time. I haven’t done too much trading recently but I haven’t had a bad experience so far. It’s a great place to get rid of a game you no longer play.

I’ll need to check those others you mentioned though.

I use glyde.com. I sold like 50 games out of my collection there just last month. It’s pretty awesome. You can get stuff for way cheap, and you never have to pay extra for packaging/shipping stuff, it comes out of the total cost. The only downside is that you have to wait about 8 days to get your item because they ship the packaging to the seller, then the seller puts the item in the package and sends it to you.