Which japanese players are still in EVO?


are there any japanese players left in evo???
if not, how did they do???


Well for SF4, the only 2 that came over from Japan are in the top 8. Daigo and Dan. I don’t know about the rest of the games except I know Daigo lost in HDR.


who the hell is this dan dude and why the hell is he in top 8


he kissed his opponents into victory

sin sent his bitchass to losers


dan is a top cvs2 player. sparring partner with daigo. is japanese.

should be enough reasons for him to be in top 8.


lol thanks.


I tried looking for videos of “DanFromJapan” so some people can see how he plays. I think he deserves more than to be just called “Daigo’s friend.” I couldn’t really find very much though.

For those with Nico Nico Douga accounts:

Dan VS Daigo in CvS2, video description says before the discovery of Roll Canceling

SBO '05 for …Capcom Fighting Jam
Mago & Tokido VS Daigo & Dan, you can see all of them in this video

Y. F. & Ayanami Lilith VS Daigo & Dan

I think there’s a site that lets you view Nico Nico videos without an account, but I don’t know it. =(


I can’t believe you guys are acting like you don’t know Dan. He’s a TOP TOP TOP CVS2 player. I’m talking about on Bas’s level. I think he also played Alpha games, most notably Alpha 3. But anyone who followed CVS2 should be no stranger to Dan. He’s incredibly solid, can’t believe people are sleeping on him. His name should be instantly recognizable. I didn’t know he played SFIV though.


dan got peaced the fuck out though… by who??? i can’t remember… oh right, SANFORD KELLY hahahaha

fucking cammy owned the shit out of him. feel kinda bad cuz they don’t play console as much as arcade. no guarantee if he’s a console warrior or not but they do play arcades more

wow, nobody from japan came?? there’s usually like 8 or so top guys fucking people up

but i guess sending two guys over and having one guy win and having another guy crack the top 8 in a massive tournament is pretty impressive!


Dan had a translator in yesterday’s stream and he said he has no console experience at all.

Marn explains why other Japanese didn’t show up in this vid:


Issei played 3S with Justin as well… although he’s currently residing in the States. I don’t think he played SF4 at all though.


there were japanese players for mvc2 but they didnt make the top 8 from what they said.


Issei played SF4. He used Akuma.


apparently japanese players arent into evo because they think the competition sucks.


lol that’s not very fair dude… and that’s probably not even true. every year, they send an assload of dudes to evo and they don’t all make it to the final 8 or whatever

i think marn’s explanation of only the top 3 payouts, having EXAMS during this time (evo is usually later isn’t it?) and really, nobody posting on srk from the high level community there is more plausible


Issei played Fuerte and now plays Akuma. He’s not as good at 4 as he is in 3s.