Which JLF?

So I’m new to Japanese parts and am looking to try a Sanwa JLF as it seems to be the stick of choice, but am unsure which to get. I am planning on having it in a custom built case for my PS3 and using the Toodles AXISdapter. For that reason (as I’ve never hooked any of this up before) should I be looking at the JLF WITH the wiring harness (JLF-TP-8T) or the JLF WITHOUT the harness that uses quick disconnects (JLF-TM-8T-SK)? Which is the one I would need to use with the Toodles Axisdapter?


JLF-TP-8YT-SK from gamingnow.net is gonna be your best bet, it comes with the harness/shaft cover/mounting plate included and can hookup to the axis adapter just fine :tup:

keep in mind, gamingnow.net sells joysticks without ball or bat tops so be sure to pick up one of those.

So from the looks of things in this post, gamingnow would be a better bet than lizard lick? I’ve not used gaming now but have experience with LL from building my full size cab and they were good. How is shipping speed and rep from gamingnow? And are prices competitive?

If I order from LL does it come with everything I need to get going or do I need to get a bunch of parts separate?

Depends on what you get really. They are really competitive and get things from gamingnow that LL doesn’t stock like colored seimitsu PS-14- GNC/DNC. Gamingnow charges tax for CA residents though. Both good experiences for me.