Which JoJo's Bizarre Adventure?


Since there are 2 home version of of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (downloadable GGPO version is arcade version, so that doesn’t count), I was wondering which version has the easiest tandem attack combos. I can’t seem to be able to pull them off on the Psx version (which is what I have), but if I have to get DC version just to be able to do those combos then hell, i will. I just need to know if its possible to do tandem combos on the version that I already have before spending hard earned money.


DC version is arcade perfect, so go with that.


Elaboration Time. The PSX version is based of the Adventure version with some Bizarre characters thrown in. And DC version is that real shit. It has both arcade games in which you should be practicing in Bizarre Adventure mode.


Dc version is no where near arcade perfect. Its still your best option for jojo game on a console tho. Tandem input timmings are different / dmg on attacks changed / etc. Still, its great for getting the general gameplay down, but the cps3 emulated version is by far the best in the community’s eyes.

edit: few examples of differences

-start a tandem with any active stand character, you get a longer window to input the attacks than on the arcade.

-start a tandem with a weapon stand character, the freeze window lasts a second longer, making the timming differnt.

-alot of moves dmg were reduced on the dreamcast version. basic example, qcf + stand with chaka, this hurt him alot.


massive jojo thread. we play on ggpo and 2df. come join.


Wow, so there are tweaks in the DC version as well? I didn’t know that honestly; thought that people mentioned that both games were directly ported from their arcade versions without any changes.

But it’s good to know, though. Thanks for clearing that up. :tup:


how about those combos I see on youtube where you do like 2 or 3 hits into Tandem attack. How do you start those combos cuz I can’t seem to be able to.


Really depends on which character your playing, but those combos most of them are for the DC/arcade versions of jojo’s, and not the psx one. Take roadapple’s advice and lay a post in the JJBA thread where we can answer any questions you may have about the game.


someone told me the opposite. They said that tandem combos are a lot easier to do on psx version than on DC. who should I believe?


No, no what i meant was that most of the combo vids you see on youtube are for the DC/arcade version of JJBA, NOT the psx version. Most of us here who frequent the JJBA thread in the “Other Games” section play it on GGPO/2DF (arcade “perfect” port…perfect used sparingly…). As far as which game has easier tandem combos, well i have no freakin clue, its been a while since i’ve played the psx, and back when i did, i never attempted a tandem combo. I imagine that the DC versions are much harder to do tho, then again, it’s only a guess. Although, the DC version is where it’s at IMO. :lovin:


PSX port of this game takes single player campaign to the next motherfukken level IMO. I would put it in my top 10 gaming experience ever, easy. It’s very well made for JoJo fans.
I recommend going both by getting the physical DC copy and then find a ePSXe and an image file of the playstation version.


well then since I already have the psx version, Ill have to get the DC version. Is PetShop in the dc version? I don’t care if he’s banned in tournaments cuz I don’t go to tournaments anyway (i don’t have money to travel to vegas for EvO. Yes, im freakin broke, lost my job to layoff last october.


Yeah, it’s in the DC version.


Damn, that’s tough bro. Get on that Jojo’s with the boys in the JJBA thread. We play on GGPO/2DF. Although you’ll find most of us on GGPO now. Although there are still some 2DF players now a days.


The PSX version is a port of JoJo’s Venture, with characters that didn’t make it in time for the arcade release thrown in. The story mode is fucking great, but it’s a pretty bad port overall.
The DC version is a port of the 2nd revision of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a improved, rebalanced version of the original JoJo’s Venture, plus the PSX-exclusive characters.
The 2nd revision fixed many glitches and made a few changes to the game. Unfortunately, revision 2 is currently not dumped, so you wont be able to play it on any arcade emulators.
AFAIK, the DC version is a perfect port of revision 2, so if you want to play JoJoBA on a console, you definitely should go with that.


hm. thanks for the info man! Does anyone know what the “rare” items include when you unlock them in the psx version? theres no way i can get all S ranks and secret factors because I’ve tried and some of the info on gamefaqs is wrong. For example, on the death 13 stage in story mode, you’re supposed to activate kakyoin’s remote stand and hit death 13 from behind. I did that and i still didn’t get the secret factor. So Im like “wtf,…ok”. Normally when this happens, I just say screw it and bust out the action replay to get everything for free cuz you know, its a fighting game, not an adventure game so it doesn’t matter if you cheat to unlock everything (mainly i was just aiming to unlock N.Kakyoin but I just got curious as to what these "rare
items were about).