Which Joystick Gate Is Best For Yang?



I’m using the Qanba Q1 for xbox 360 and pc, and i’m sorry if its a nooby question but what joystick gate is best for yang. what i mean is like those square gates or octagonal gates. which gate is the best.


There is no best joystick, just use whatever is comfortable for you.


That was completely unhelpful. Also it’s not even what he asked, dude. At least explain it to him. That is an awesome hoody though!!

Right so technically he’s dead right lol BUT there’s theory behind it. First off anyone can play anyone with any stick or gate but they always say when learning, square gate is easier for charge but bad for qcf motions. Circular best for qcf motions but harder to DP. Octagonal best of both worlds!

I learned to play bison on an octagonal gate in vanilla and had no bother. The trick is just learn to play stick! then once you know you’re not going to be wasting money I’d recommend picking up the other two gate types and see what you think.

If you have a scene near you try to have a go off all three if you can. Most people gravitate to one once they’ve tried them all.