Which Juri color do you use?



I use Original 9 (pink and white)

I hate her Alts. :confused:


Original 5 (eggplant colors) and 8 (black), and Alt 1 color 8 (violet bra) I really don’t like Alt 2. :lol:

Originals 9 and 10 have scarred my retinae


BumbleBee Juri. 7. This is the kailkun color. I DARE ANYONE TRY AND TAKE IT! Color match ft5 lets go!

Also i like her alt2 black. Looks like snookie…


Original, Color 10, all pink…i just get a kick out her being all girly while I’m whoopin ass

Alternate 1, Color 10. acid washed light blue Jeans with the White tank top but her Hair Rings and her eyes are still purple…

and yea I rock the Alt 2 Black joint too…shes all tan and stuff…I like


Alt 2, Color 01, all day erry day.

Love Alt 2.


Alt 2 - Color 4

Original - Color 10


I do like original color 3. Blood Red.


Original color 6 and Alt color 11


I use original 1, 11, and 12 when I’m trying to win.
Original 4 when I’m trying out new things.


9 all day long. Juri knows how to wear pink. Truthfully, 9 in all three costumes. Occasionally I’ll mix in 1, 5, and 8 on original, but mostly all pink (original and alternate 2).

On a side note, I hope they give Juri a really good alternate costume for #3. The first and second alternate costumes are kind of lame.


OG: 3, 6 and 8
Alt 1: 8 and 10
Alt 2: 1 and 10

Not a big fan of her alts, so I don’t use them much.


Original: 1 & 8
Alt 1: 1 & 8

I tend to alternate between her Alt 1 colour 1 and her original costume. Dunno why. I really hope they do something with her hair for the next alt costume. Like putting her hair down or something.


I dont know why, but when I feel im playing well, I use Blue(original color 4). When Im scrubbing it up I use Black(original color 8 I think).
I have her Alt 1, I dont use it much, but when I do, I use color 10.


Everyone uses Original 8 lol

I use Originals 1,2,3,4,8 Alt 1 8 and Alt 2…blue and purple. I forget the numbers.


I’ve come to like Alt 1 color 5 (green hairbands, white top, purple pants) as well.


So it’s safe to call 7 the kailkun color. :3. Glee.


I didn’t want to bring it up, but I do use original 7.

Happily original 2 is close enough to 7 that I’m ok if playing on a console that has no unlocks.


Then we shall fight like gentlemen!!!


By using our girl as a proxy?


If I use original outfit I pick Red, Blue, Green, or Orange, but mostly I use alt 1 with colors 4 and 8 for white top and bluejeans or purple top and black pants. Alt 3 has a lot of bad or weird colors so I stick to 1 if I use it.