Which keyboard is best suited for SSF4 AE?

Recently, I played with a gamepad but it is broken, now. I wasn’t comfortable with it… I tried an arcade stick at my friend’s house and it was very meh for me. Then, I tried to play with my keyboard and tada, it was super precise and easy for me to work with :wink:
I thought, instead of a new gamepad I could buy a proper gaming keyboard for the game. The problem, some people mentioned issues with the number of keys which can be registered at the same time. Are there any pro keyboard players out there? Do you know quality usb keyboard which can register multiple strokes at once?
I’d be very thankfu for suggestionsl. I play Chun li and Juri…

How about Microsoft SideWinder X4 or Zboard keyboard. Does anybody use it?

No suggestions? :wink:

I would ask in the tech forum. I think it is not something that keyboard producers put on the side of the package (numbers of keys that can max be registered).

With juri (fireball storing) you probably need something that can do a lot of buttonpresses at the same time.

Razer’s and Logitech’s gaming keyboards.

If you are looking for keyboards with n-key rollover (you can press as many keys as you want) then I believe the only choice you have is mechanical keyboards. Mechanical keyboards can set you back a pretty penny, and the cheapest with NKRO (press as many keys as you want) is $99. If you are still interested, then feel free to check out this site:

I personally played a lot of emulators with my keyboard, but honestly I felt that in a competitive environment, a keyboard just doesn’t cut it. Also, most (and by most I mean every tournament that matters to some extent) fighting game tournaments are played on a console, which doesn’t allow you to plug in a keyboard and play with it.

You can also look into the Hitbox as an alternative. It is a joystick-less controller which functions a lot like a keyboard, except you can press as many keys as you want, you can use it in tournaments, and it won’t cost you at least $99.

das keyboard perhaps

Hitbox for reeeeelz. I’m not a keyboard player and I think it looks fresh. Since you’re already used to throwing specials by “typing”, this will be beast!

i recommend one of the razer brand keyboards. before i bought mine, i read that the ones w/the hyperesponse technology reduces the delay time of your keystrokes. i didnt believe but i had the money and decided to try it out. day of defeat:source was my game at the time and after switching to razer, i was bumping into door frames and hitting walls (because the delay was reduced by that much). the only drawback was that some of the keys were hard to push (mine was booty D=) so i had to return that and get a logitech ‘gaming’ keyboard (i think it was the g15).

logitech?.. not so great on the response time. the delay was the very same as every other kb ive tried.

later down the road i got the same razer kb as a gift. this time there was no defects on the keys, but one of the usb cords went out (it comes w/2 usb-1 connects the kb and the other connects the 2 extra usb slots on the kb)

if you have a lot of typing to do, i would say the
logitech dinovo edge - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16823126008
best typing kb ive tried and im still using right now
response time on this is also avg of regular kb but the way the keys feel is very smooth.

if you want a gaming kb, try one of these:
just make sure you read the comments of verified users.

looking at these razer boards makes me wanna order another one…
hope this helps