Which "King of Fighters" can be played on the Xbox 360?

Anyone know which ones are BACKWARD COMPATABLE to be played on the Xbox 360? And if so, are they glitchy? Thanks :wonder:

KOF 2003, though dunno if its backward compatible.

Hmm. Anyone else?


2002&2003 and Neowave.

Thanks, man. Do you if they play smoothly?

I’ve been wanting to know this too, but I was too lazy to look it up :rolleyes:

From the KOF 2002/2003, 2002 only works and it has graphical artifacts. I don’t know about Neowave .

Yeah, 2002 works, but they jacked it up and it really looks bad. Neowave works okay, but it seem to look slightly worse to me than on Xbox. 2003 DOES NOT WORK.