Which KOF game currently out plays closest to KOF XII?


I searched and found Dandy J’s intro to KOF fundamentals and the game looks so damn difficult. Anyway I wanted to try it out for myself in preparation for KOF XII but heard they change the series drastically every iteration.

Does anyone know, which version plays closest to XII?

Thanks, and sorry if this has already been posted but just figured it’d be easier to ask.


KOF is not hard, it’s just very intricate.

Quite Frankly, there is a single KOF out there now that plays anything like XII from what I’ve heard.


None of them play closest to XII. There’s the fundamentals like crossups, hops, hyperhops, etc that’s in all KOFs. New combos are there but that’s not a huge deal aside from CC’s.

Just learn what you can(fundamentals) so when you do play XII you’re already heading in the right direction.


Fundamentally, I guess KOF98 would be closest, but even then it’s kind of a stretch.


Hmm, I see. Well I’ll give 98 a shot then. The game looks like there are plenty mind games to be had.

@Mycah: Well it did appear difficult, it’s the first time I’ve seen so many kinds of jumps in a fighting game. But yeah, hopefully I catch on pretty okay. I just hope it’s not extremely execution heavy … I get by just fine in SF4 but something tells me I won’t be able to hang with the KOF crowd.


I was somewhat surprised when I watched a vid of KOFXII; I expected it to build on the tagging function and mechanics that KOF 2003 started, but it looks to be strictly one-one.

The roll function also looks to be abusable to an extent; the players certainly used them far more often than one would see in the rest of the series, where rolling was used sparingly (obvious reasons).


… oh god. Pick up 2002, and 98.


Garou: Mark of the Wolves, while not a KoF game (per se), seems to have some stuff that are seen in KoF XII.
Garou isn’t a difficult game to learn, but if you learn it step by step then you eventually get the hang of it.
…I could be wrong though ^_^;;;;;;;


Kof+Garou= XII


Just know, don’t play it like Street Fighter, you will get owned, basic formula combo’s are as followed a strong move(which normally cancelable), a command move(which is usually quick, and the properties change), then SDM or a super move. Prime example in 98, O.Yashiro, stand C, fwd A, hcb a/c.


At least half of the people who will respond to your question will just tell you to play their favorite game “X” where X=KOF 98, Garou, etc.

The only thing you can know is that XII is going to be significantly different from any other KOF, but learning the basis of any KOF will likely help you.

The solution is to try out the games that are generally considered the best: Garou, KOF 98/UM, KOF 2002/UM, and KOF XI. Decide which of those you like the best, and then just play them.

Fortunately, it’s not that expensive or hard to try KOF.
Garou, KOF 98, KOF 2002 are all available on GGPO and 2df and have communities of good players to help you.
KOF 98 UM and KOF XI are available for US PS2 and very cheap ($15-20 for KOF 98 UM, $10-15 for KOF XI).
The only exception is KOF 2002 UM, which is right now only available via Japanese Import and runs at least $50.


KOFXI. Get used to the pace of the game with it, linking is also just as easy too.


I was thinking the same thing, the easiest one for me to get a copy of was KOF99 on Dreamcast.

It’s good to hear that Garou, KOF98 and 2002 are all coming to XBLA as well, hopefully at least one of them gets there before KOF XII to allow us noobs some time to get the basics down.


it looks like it plays like XI but its setup like 98.


I actually wouldn’t get used to XI, because of its Marvel style. 98OG and 98UM are by far the closest in terms of systems in place and characters.


I think those kof12 players didn’t know what they were doing to begin with. I doubt rolls are any better in 12 than they are in the other games.

So far I’m pretty unimpressed with the game, but if anything plays similar, it’s probably Garou (though it’s a lot faster than Garou).


Hi i use team england in kof 94 can you tell me a team which plays the same way in kofXII ; )


errr that was like 14 years ago
things have changed


Closest thing to Yuri is Robert and Ryo. King is closest to King and Mai is closest Mai, there’s few that are close to their playing style here. On other hand, chances are that Mai is going to be showing up in the console version.


Lol, I was neg repped for making this thread.

But yeah, thanks guys. I think I’ll just go for which ever is available on the PS2, I can’t find my Dreamcast anymore.