Which KOF game is the best to start off with?

I’m new to KOF so should I start off with 98 or 2K2?

I recommend starting off with KOF94’. You can get it only on PSN thanks to SNK’s latest deal for a low, low price of seven dollars. Affinity told me that its gotten a resurgence with the massive US KOF community and its by far the most balanced game in the series. It pretty much teaches you everything you need to know about the rest of the series, too.

If you’re interested in other, hardcore experiences you can also get AOF1 on PSN, also for only seven dollars. Fatal Fury 1 is also the best in its series by far; they don’t make em like they used to. Thank god SNK finally released these titles that everyone has been lusting for all these years.

I say try KoF12 then play KoF94 and then work your way up.

Also I thought Mark of the Wolves and Real Bout 2 were considered the best in the Fatal Fury Series/Franchise?

I’d say 98 but if the inputs are that “hard” like everyone else makes it out to be, then I suggest 02.

TechRomancer is just be facetious so please don’t take it seriously. He’s a silly goose~

But yeah at least you seem to have a good enough head on your shoulders to ask about 98 and 02. Those are both good games but I’d feel you’d might get more frustrated when people start abusing Athena, Billy, Kula, Kim or fight against a character like Angel and not know what the hell is going on. The turn side is that most people find 02 to have easier inputs than 98. Another counter is that the characters that appear in 98 are generally weaker or not as fun as they are in 02, exceptions being Andy, Athena, Billy, Choi, and Yuri while Vice and Mature seem to be largely the same.

For me, I chose to play 98 on GGPO because the level of play seemed more consistent than 02 and that’s how I started to learn KOF fundamentals.

Pick 98, choose a grappler, a fireballer and a rush character, after you learn how to punish and how they can punish you, add or switch to 02 and learn the BC thing.

Good luck.

I’d say 98 or 98 UM for the fundamentals. Then from there go to 2002/2002 UM, and then XI/XIII.

Kay oh ef ninety fuuuuuuuuuur

just get kof 2002 um on the xbox360

This is a very common question these days when players want to start playing KOF, so basically it depends on what system you have.

KOF XI on PS2 has the most forgiving i.e smooth, sensitive controls. The game is just so solid and is a masterpiece. I would pick this over 2002 ANY day. And you can get a new copy in the US for less than $10-15.

KOF 98 UM is like the Super Turbo of KOF. THE Classic hands down and really teaches you the fundamentals. If you have someone to play with on 360, then get KOF 98 UM for XBLA.

The best thing that can help you is if you have someone to play with consistently and for this a friend or an offline gathering is must.

It is?

Bad advice here. Start at 94? Really? You do realize that it’s an entirely different game, and it doesn’t have short hops which is a key element of KOF. Not to mention the bad controls and characters play pretty different than they do in the other games. It’s like saying play World Warrior to get used to playing SSF4. Tech Romancer better take Affinity’s dick out of his ass before it prolapses.

Not saying 94 is a bad game, but instead play:


That’s all you need to know. And 13 plays more like a mix of 2002UM and XI.

You know he was being sarcastic right?

You know some people don’t have the ability to pick up sarcasm…I don’t blame the sarcasm. Wasn’t there a thread very similar to this a small while back?

That’s why I didn’t take it seriously. Somewhere a long the line these questions have to stop; there’s numerous threads like this asking “which KOF do I start with”. Its no longer a novel question.

What I might suggest is that if/whenever we get good mods for this section we create a sticky titled something like, “Commonly asked KOF questions for the new person” or w/e. Make in bold and capitilized so people can’t miss it. Make it formatted with all the questions people make this dumb threads for and list them so that the bases will be covered. That way anyone new can have a nice little stickie to go through instead of just creating threads willy nilly. Its like that in any other decently moderated subforum and should be here as well.

Thanks for all the help, everbody. I’ll try 98UM on Xbox and watch DandyJ’s guide. Sorry, next time I’ll read through past threads before I ask a question that might be very common.

This type of question would make a good Q/A in a KoF newbie sticky.