Which KOFs Have (Combo/Match) DVDs?

I have the KOF 2003 DVD that came with the Flame of Nova mook, and i was wondering which other DVDs have KOF matches or combos?

I know theres a KOF 2002 DVD, and i think one of the SBO 2003 DVDs had KOF 2002 in it?

Is that it?


I have a friend in Japan who makes the biggest/best/well-known un-official KOF combo DVD’s in Japan. In fact, for the latest release he got Falcoon to do the cover art for him.

Here is a sample: http://ph04.hp.infoseek.co.jp/kura.wmv

PM me if you want more details.

Wow. That’s all I can say about those combos with Kula.

as for the SBO 2003 unless u wanna watch Duolon all day long and nothing else i would advise you not to get it…

Some Taiwan site that is stupid slow and is graphics-heavy but is home to some of the crazier shit I’ve seen in recent time for almost all KOF games

While we’re on the subject (sort of), does anyone know how to obtain CvS2 combo VCDs/DVDs from Japan? Have there even been any released within the two years?

i went to that taiwan site from hell, and yeah the vids are good but the iori combo vid won’t download!! it’s the 1st one i’d found too :frowning:

wow indeed those kula combos were nuts yea im interested in that dude if you have any more info let me know.

Did anyone manage to get in touch with SNK NEOGEO AU?

He never replied…


i’ve bought from him before, great seller.

there’s a link on ng.com forums for a partial rip of the 2002 overstruggle dvd, btw Time_Stop

Anyone knows someone/place selling the SBO GGXX#R/KOF:NeoWave DVD?

(Not videogameya)