Which KYSG 3rd strike combovideo you think is awesome?

since KYSG is going to make a ryu combovid for vol 7 …

and kysg needs lot’s of time in editing and getting the music to be suited to the whole video .
so be patient .

so let’s talk about the previous combovideo .

Q and twelve combovideo , vol 1
chunli combovideo , vol 2
alex combovideo , vol3
ken masters combovideo , vol 4
akuma/gouki combovideo , vol 5
elena combovideo , vol 6

those who don’t know anything about Kysg infamous 3s combovid above , www.combovideos.com .

for my pick , i would think that akuma is the best , elena is 2nd .
LTJ bukem + combovideo = wooooooow …
Kysg picked and awesome Drum and Bass music …

I like the first one myself, cause it’s got 2 oddball characters in it.

Haven’t seen the Elena one though…

apparently ( looking at the poll ) people think that Alex’s F.fierce link into hyper bomb is the hotness too …

i remember how people got over-exited when they see that … in gamefaqs especially , i’m seeing 4 pages of people go nuts seeing that .

I play Alex and I’ve never seen Volume 3. Thankfully CV has it so I’m watching it now.

get ready to prepare along tissues … because is sick .


Woohoo I’m soo hyped !!!11 :looney:


You know I’ve never cared for any of the KYSG vids. Most combos involve impossible set ups, which really don’t appeal to me that much.

i like them for their creative aspect, but honestly, a Urien vid would be INSANE. just think about it…

for me i enjoyed q/12 and ken… the music 538 picks is too good

A Yun/Dudley vid would be insane too.

Q & 12.

He combod a DDC of a RH. THAT SHIT IS BEAST!

well yeah >__> such as trades and bizarre cross-ups .

but , about the ryu combovideo project , i keep doubting . i’ve seen most of his combos from mopey’s total ryu and 3slinkcombo . also a few RYU combos from RX’s stuff .

Considering what KYSG manages to squeeze out of shotos (whom are generally known for their simplicity), I can’t even imagine what he’d do with Necro, Ibuki, or Urien. I always look forward to seeing his vids.

And juggles that only work on stunned opponents…