Which layout for my New Akuma Box

I like C myself

dumb thread is dumb. End your life.

I am trying to get feed back for different layouts. I got a few cases I made but I have not drilled out the holes yet. I just want to see whats popular. I asked this in another post, But I felt since this site gets a lot of traffic that a poll would provide me with better information.

Whichever is HRAP3 standard, and i think thats B.

Forget option A, which is the old HRAP1 layout as it was phased out for a reason. Being that it was designed as a layout on the 2-player side of a blast city cab, so that the second player can sit at a far side angle comfortably, giving player 1 some room and they aren’t too close together.

A design that was good for that purpose but ridiculous to put on a single player stick. A serious lapse in judgement to whomever made that decision with the old HRAP1’s imo.

Use a hybrid Hit Box/ MK layout with 3 extra buttons for LT, LB and L3