Which Madcatz pad to use for PCB on DIY XBox360 Stick?


Which is the best Madcatz pad to use for a xbox360 stick, and where can I find them cheap?

Looking for something that is very straightforward to solder with little hassle as possible. I’ve made sticks with the cthulu and that is obviously pretty easy. I’ve tried soldering an actual PS3 gamepad and that was a nightmare. Hope that’s enough info. Also if you list a certain type of pad that works well could you drop a link to a thread or video with a tutorial on how to solder it?

Much appreciated.


If possible, you might want to look for a 360 TE/SE PCB, they aren’t hard to work on at all.
There are people who can do the mod for you if you wanna spend the cash, I’m not one of them, it’d be worse than if you let a raccoon use your credit cards on black Friday.

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I think the Retro Madcatz controller is popular.
Amazon.com: Madcatz Arcade GameStick for Xbox 360: Video Games


How To Solder - Soldering Tutorial
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Surprising that if madcatz can make their own PCB nothing like the cthulu has been made yet =\

Do you know of a place to buy pre-hacked pcb’s?


Try Trading outlet.

360 PCBs have a security chip on them, a malicious attempt by microsoft to prevent people from making their own PCBs.

As far as PCBs go, the two most popular choices are the Madcatz 4716?Triggers require inverting. You’ll either need ChImp (which has 3k_Invert and 4k_Invert), or a hex inverter chip (such as a 74HCT04), or opt not to use the triggers. http://shoryuken.com/f177/how-padhack-08-09-madcatz-4716-common-ground-xbox-360-pad-197388/ Other option is the Madcatz fightpad. No inversion needed.

People also like the TE/SE PCB, but they have to be gutted out of a stick, and an SE can cost twice as much as a 4716.

If you buy pre-hacked, make sure the wires are soldered AND hot glued on. You don’t want them to break off in transit or accidentally in use. Also, make sure the triggers are inverted if you plan on using them.


I used a Madcatz Fightpad PCB in one of my customs. IMO it’s probably the best 360 PCB as far as ease of installing goes. There’s no trigger hacks needed (since all the buttons are digital), the copper on the contacts is already exposed, so you don’t have to grind that away, and all of the face buttons are in the default SF4 button config already. If you can find one for not too much, I’d use it.


Fightpads are currently the best, on sale too making them one of the cheaper options too


Madcatz Xbox 360 Fightpads, I concur.


I used a MadCatz retro “stick” for its pcb. You can pick them up fairly cheap, I think mine was like ten bucks from Gamestop. It’s easy to solder and the pcb itself is just square, so it doesn’t look too ugly if you plan on showing off the wiring with a plexi bottom.

I haven’t hacked a fightpad before, but I can’t get them for any less than fifty dollars around here, and it’s also not a bad pad for company that don’t like sticks.