Which method of blocking is the best on a button config?

Yesterday, me and some friends of mine decided to play some SC3, which we hadn’t played in a very long time. While playing, I found myself pressing back to block, when I kept forgetting that I wasn’t playing SF at that moment. I’ve been playing a lot of SF lately, so I sort of adjusted to blocking that way.

Anyways, it got me thinking. Which method of blocking on a control scheme is better? Pressing back/down-back or pressing a button like in SC or VF? What do you guys think and why? Maybe it really isn’t a big deal to a lot of people whether it’s just pressing back or pressing a button, but I’m just curious.

I like to think of the block button as VF’s and SC’s way of making up for their lack of cross-ups.

It really depends on what type of fighter you are playing. For 2d games back and back/down works better, for most 3d fighters a button set to block is better.

Thats a good analogy.

Fuck mortal kombat, that’s all I gotta say.