Which ModChip for the PS2?

I was wondering which modchip I should get for the PS2??? Which site is official??? I’m trying to find a site that would not sell fake ones or are scams. I have an old fat one (SCPH-30001, Serial U 0). I live in the U.S.


Depends what you want to do with it. Do you use a hard drive in your PS2 then you might want DMS4 since it has Toxic OS. My personal favorite and recommendation is the Matrix Infinity Green Dot and you can get them for a great price about $31.

Basically stick with one of the top 3 chips:

  1. Matrix Infinty
  2. DMS4 PRO SE
  3. Crystal Chip

I’ve been installing a few chips now since I don’t have time to build sticks, and my advice is stay away from clones (MODBO, MYTH, etc). They are hit or miss, sometimes they work really well but most of the time they are a pain in the a$$. And for a few dollars more you can get a good quality chip that is supported and updated.

As for sites, I’m not sure if we are allowed to post links, but just google the chip you want and go to their official site, they usually post resellers/distributors of their products.

My thing was just to buy the import games, and just play them. Nothing too fancy. I have Yahoo btw. Thanks.

google modchip world and modchipman, both these sites are legit. and matrix infinity is a great chip.

Wouldn’t it be easier/cheaper to just buy a fliptop and the newest version of swap magic to play imported games? That’s what many of the guys around here do and what I’ve considered doing myself.

I have a Slim PS2 and I use Swap Magic on mine. It isn’t that expensive and you don’t have to open your console.

Was thinking about doing that for my slim ps2 for slash yet any place or instructions for that path?

Here is where I got mine:



Thanks for the help everyone, got it all covered :wink:

Does anyone know if Swap Magic can be used for the older, fat PS2s? I don’t really want to risk cracking my PS2 open and messing around with soldering stuff here and there, since I’ve never really done that kind of thing.

Yeah it does, you’ll just have to buy a fliptop cover for it like the one shown here. http://www.modmonster.com/ProductImages/playstation/ps2fliptopcover/ps2fliptopcoverL.jpg

EJM - Maybe youd have more knowledge since you install them, but is it true that the DMS4 Pro SEs are buggy and generally unreliable? Ive read reports that they randomly reset, they have BSODs, and sometimes wont boot up at all. (Before and after flashing the BIOS)

It was because of these reports i was steering towards a Matrix Infinity. I wanted a DMS4 Pro SE because Toxic Loader runs games that HD Loader 0.7c wont run. (Capcom Classics, Shadow of the Colossus, etc) The DMS4 Pro EZI isnt even an option. I dont just the whole ‘clip-in’ installation. Whats your opinion about the chip?

I believe a bad batch was released a while ago that had those problems, it should be corrected now. I remember the guy I buy from told me he got a batch of 40 chips and 10 were dead on arrival. In any case if you do get a bad chip you should be able to return it to the person/store you got it from and get a replacement for free.

Overall it is very good chip when it is working correctly. I’m getting a second PS2 in coming the months and I plan on installing a DMS4 PRO SE.

Well since were on the subject, how much is it from you to install a Matrix Infinity/DMS4 Pro? My brothers in the market for a modded (old fat one) PS2. He wants a modded one cause he gets annoyed at my mod.

I have an exploited PS2, with a fliptop and a 100 gig Maxtor HD. Any game he has to play off backup CD/DVD, he feels its an incovienience/nuisance since he has to use CogSwap/Swap Magic.

I tried getting the DMS4 Solderless chip for my old PS2, but it was too much of a hassle and I had to potentially do soldering, which defeats the entire purpose of me buying the chip to begin with.

I’ve been using Swap Magic for years, along with a HD, problem is Swap Magic doesn’t support certain games. For example I can’t play my copy of Rumble Fish or Japanese Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence. There are apparently ways to get it working with Swap Magic but they never panned out for me.

Best of luck with whatever you end up getting.

So… Matrix Infinity (newest version) is the “best” modchip to get for the PStwo?

In my opinion it is the best chip, remember if your going to mod your slim and its a V12 slim get some type of “slimfix” so you don’t burn out the laser.


It’s a small pcb you add on to V12 (in version 13 & 14 PS2’s the problem was fixed) slim ps2two which limits the current to the coils of the laser and keeps it from burning out.

just google “Comsoft Slim Fix V4 PStwo”

Thanks for the info…

Still, that’s lame. Are all pre-v13 vulnerable to this burnout stuff??

If so, why can’t you just return it or send it back to Sony or something?

Thanks for the links guys. I think I’m gonna get those magic keys things.