Which monitor?


Hello, I need some help… I want to change the monitor I use with my xbox. I’d buy an LCD or Led but… what are the best monitors to play Street Fighter? I mean in terms of input lag… what monitors are used at Evo for example?


The Evo monitor is the ASUS-VH236. At least that’s what Google just told me, and what I was looking at myself.
Most companies dont tell you the delay. Its a number 99% of the population doesn’t care about. You’ll find response times and stuff but that has nothing to do with this.
Picking up the Evo monitor is probably your best bet as the price and size are all pretty nice.
They picked it for a reason.


Thanks! The problem is that monitor isn’t available in Europe… damn.


Try this monitor.
I’ve been doing some searching and only got one result for a lagless monitor that I could bring up on amazon.co.uk.

The HDTV thread on this forum dips into some monitors as well.
So its worth having a look at, its a long thread though.

Edit: not that I’m confirming it is lagless, but that’s what a Tekken forum said. Anyway, its past my bed time.


Evo now uses alienware optx monitors. This is the exact model and it is now on sale.


^way too much for a 21 inch. no sale.

i’m glad companies see the market, but the asus was fine. what we are asking for is something bigger.


Thanks to everyone! The alienware seems great… Expensive though…


It’s about the same price as one of the 24" asus monitors in the UK. Don’t know about the rest of Europe.


Is it just the size that put’s you off? From what I read in reviews it has better PQ and a wider range of colors. Also, it has a response time and input lag similar to the Asus. Of course there is no concrete evidence of this because most reviews on the internet seem to be purely subjective.


Ok, I just bought the alienware… Thanks for the advice! I’ll let you know my opinion after some testing… :slight_smile:


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Does anyone know witch is the better monitor the Alienware OptX AW2210 or the ASUS-VH236? i was looking at getting the Alienware OptX AW2210 but cant find a solid review on it, Also any info on what will be used at EVO 2011?.


Don’t know what’s going to be used at EVO 2011.
Alienware is a smaller screen (21.5’), but colours / contrast are apparently better (more crisp?).
ASUS is a 23’, and is more bang-for-buck.

Up to you really.


Anyone know what the Samsung 24" Monitor P2450H is like? Says 2ms g2g, but I know thats not always whats important.



Review says 1-frame (16ms). Not ideal, because you can get the ASUS VW246H or VK246H which is <8ms.


azproc. That monitor I bought… people complained at my local tourney about the slight lag.


ok, I got the alienware one… great piece of hardware. I feel like suggesting it to any street fighter player!


Is there any 26-27" monitor out there which has close to no input lag?
I found the NEC EA261WM-BK which according to the review has very low input lag. But in every other review I read they list the high lagtime as major negative point. Anyone knows a good one?


Do all Asus monitors have the same input lag? Im thinking about getting the “VH198T”.