Which Mortal Kombat character is most similar to Guile?

I hear lots of parallels between the two games, and lots of people comparing characters between the two games.

I was just wondering, from your guys experience, which character in mk9 do you think plays most like Guile?

johnny cage

Lol, I definitely thought they had similar personalities, but I never really thought about there playstyles and in reality they do seem rather similar

Kano obviously.

He has sonic booms (knife throw), flash kick (up ball), and an air throw just like Guile. But he’s much better than Guile because his balls can be performed in the air, are hard to punish on block and require no back/down charge.

That is true. I think the balls disillusioned me into thinking of kano as an automatic blanka with out shocks. But I guess he is rather similar to guile as well.

Shang Tsung

Care to explain?

I dunno, but can you imagine if Guile and SIndel squirted out babies?


That is a nasty thought.

I feel that Noob Saibot has a similar playstyle to Guile. Zoning with shadow clones, shadow upkicks for anti-air.

That said, zoning is kind of a losing long-term strategy in MK9, so take that as you will.

While I agree with you first line, I disagree with your second. Subzero, Kitana, Kabal, and Kano all have excellent zoning games and are very tournament viable. I am sure I missed others as well.

MK needs a charge character.

Well I assume the lack of any charge was a design decision promoting a faster pace. SF is known for a slightly slower pace, where as mk seems to have been shooting for something between SF and Tekken pace-wise.

When MK has UMK3 pace, its godlike :coffee:

But i think MK9 is a lot like SF4 in terms of speed and flow, so a charge character could work, allbeit would be weird as fuck LOL

Maybe that will be the big surprise 4th character? ;D

To my suprise, you meant “plays” like Guile…I was gonna come in here like “Obviously Striker”…


good zoning.
anti air specials.

and is also a baddass :smiley:

No air throw though. I think Kano may be in the lead so far, haha.

Sub Zero, because I say “sonic boom” while playing all characters. :slight_smile:

After trying Kano out, we may have a winner, feels very similar principle wise, minus the charge.