Which MVC2 characters are popular in japan?

which MVC2 characters are big in japan? I hope they use more than just mag,sent,storm,and cable. do they use capcom characters as much as marvel characters? nobody seems to use capcom characters. its something that Ive been curious about.

Sentinel, Storm, Magneto, Cable. That is all.

jill,charlie,guild,sentinel,drdoom,cable,ironman,gambit,collusus,storm,magneto,psyloce,sonson, those where most ever char i saw some vids of japan not to long ago :tup:

Solid Snake

Except the Mexicans.

The people who actually win use Mags, Storm, Sent, Cable, Iron Man, Psylocke, CapCom.

The people who lose use everyone else.


oh,so then its not all that different from over here. I was hoping someone would say jin because jin is AW35OME!! I really liked your japan log NKI.

Mexico/Latin America has the best low tier characters in the world.
They all play their shit like Justin K.

like who? JIN?! Im guessing amingo is involved? and if you say dan then Im just gonna laugh

Hey, Jin is pretty good, well his aaa assist is.

Japan give up on 'Sim and the Mummy? they used to love those two…

Silver Samurai was the number one character in Japan when the game was first released.

Several Evolution tournaments later, after it was already well established that Silver Samurai cannot win in a high-level context, “some guy” named CornNuts found out Silver Samurai cannot be thrown by any character while he is crouching.

While definitely the symptom of a broken game, it’s generally meaningless to a real match because while Silver Samurai can blatantly turtle forever by holding down-back, he is still defeated by the most basic Sentinel strategy.

My theory is that Capcom of Japan inserted this “bug” on purpose before handing it over to its American counterpart. As a result, we have Marvel vs. Capcom 2, a game that “balanced” itself out “by accident”.

And the Psycho Drive low strongs for the death.

I heard that Japan LOOOOOOOOOOOOVED Iron Man.

:lol: at Japan’s love for Silver Samurai and his “I’m ducking so don’t throw me, BITCH!”

Japan quit marvel for the most part long ago.

Fuckin truth! Capcom4lyfe(Right after SNK of course)

Cable is okay, Storm good, Sent great and so is Mags but they’re not as good as people say they are. I play with Mags and Sent because I have more fun with them.

:wtf: so who’s better than them?

my understanding is that ironman is very popular in japan

I just thought that since the japanese could easily crush america at sf then maybe the capcom characters would be more popular. that obviously doesnt change the fact that bison is no match for magneto. jin could easily beat him though

That I would