Which name should Capcom stick? Bulleta or B.B. Hood


Bulleta/B.B. Hood is my favorite character in Darkstalkers but whenever I have to type her name, I couldn’t just type Bullete only nor B.B. Hood only so I woudl usually do this: Bulleta/B.B. Hood

So which name should Capcom stick to end my problem?




It doesn’t matter which localized name you choose, honestly; people (well, mainly those who are familiar with the VSAV franchise in general) will know who you’re referring to.


But it’s a pain on the head and fingers always typing both names.


You don’t have to type both names; either one will do just fine.


DOA sincle she’ll never be heard from again the way Capcom is leaning.


Rename BB hood to balrog, boxer to vega, dictator to bulletta, claw to M. bison.


Bulleta. I never knew what the BB in BB.Hood meant.