Which Naruto Fighting game is the best to get?

So yeah. I’ve been wanting to buy a Naruto fighting game for the longest time. I just kept putting it off and putting it off until they got better. The newest one for PS3 seems pretty cool and all. It’s just that it doesn’t have enough characters. The way I see it. If I’m going to spend some cash on a fighting game that won’t be taken seriously. Then it’s got to have a shit load of characters and other things to keep me occupied. As well as decent game play.

I’m really interested in getting Naruto Ultimate Ninja 5. It’s for the PS2 and has a shit load of characters. Is this a good game? I have mixed feelings about getting it because I know that ultimate storm is available for PS3. As a fighting community, what are your thoughts on both of these games?

My PS3 is not backwards compatible, but I do still have my PS2.


The ninja storm one is what a “naruto video game” should play like.

Yeah, I’m going to be completely honest here, I think Naurto is like the dumbest shit ever.

But I have Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm and that game is great, its PS3 though.

edit: I actually heard like, they are making a ninja storm 2 with online should just wait longer.

Ninja Storm doesn’t have online? That’s a definite killer right there. I guess I will wait for the next one. Hopefully they add more characters.


Yes, it doesn’t i keep hearin’ stuff about a sequel but dunno when that is coming, if you can grab the other games for cheap go for it, i personally dont like them because ninja storm is a way better game, it also had like 4 months of free DLC and that was nice, it added like 10 extra characters i think. Anko is pretty baller with the striking shadow snake stuff

There are exactly 2 Naruto fighting games with online play and those are Naruto: Rise Of A Ninja and its sequel, both on 360. I never actually played ROAN online, mostly because I was put off of playing it by hearing too many horror stories about how Rock Lee was fucking broke as hell and how the community consisted entirely of ragequitting 12 year olds, plus I didn’t know anyone else with the game. The fighting system itself was kind of busted, with incredibly easy teleports that don’t take much chakra to use, minimal room for combos outside of the canned ones unless there’s some stuff I totally missed and just about everything being sidesteppable easily. I think they fixed some of this in the sequel though.

There’s another Wii Clash Of Ninja in the works that apparently will have online for once so if you’re really jonesing for online Naruto you might want to wait for that. Otherwise the latest Wii one is Naruto Shippuden GNT EX 3. I kind of liked EX 2 too. Latest PS2 one is Naruto Shippuden: Narutimite Accel 2 if you can play Japanese PS2 games. That’ll be Ultimate Ninja 5 when it gets released in English.

ill vouch for ninja storm on the ps3. the gameplay and graphics are amazing. story wise its good. the boss battle scenes are awesome but the stuff you do after you complete missions (breaking balloons, hide and seek, etc.) can get really repetitive and boring. VS mode is awesome IF you have someone to play with. the lack of online playability really hurts the game. as for replay value, its up in the air. i beat the game in like 3 days with almost 100% complete side quests and havent really wanted to play through it again. I’ll play the game occasionally when relatives come through and want to get down on some VS. But with used prices on amazon for about 30 shipped and free dlc for characters and missions on the psn store its not that bad of a buy.

Ninja Storm is, in short, a 3D representation of the Narutimette Hero franchise on the PS2.

The combat system is exactly the same with some new mechanics which work very well on the 3D plane.
Balance wise, you can’t really use anyone effectively against the top tier…
Ultimately, it turns into a “who’s got more chakra to Kawarimi no Jutsu”-fest with some minor mixups (throw).
It doesn’t have online play, and it only can support a 2 player battle with 2 assists (a la Marvel).
You can’t switch out the main character, but the assists can be used to chain combos or to escape.

Naruto Shippuden Gekitou Ninja Taisen EX2 is for the Wii.

This is the Gamecube franchise.
I thought this one was a lot more balanced since you could manually tweak the damage and chakra scaling if you didn’t like the default, which made it possible for any character to win.
Put it too high, Sakura becomes overpowered with her heals. Put it too low, low-tier characters can’t win.
The big plus is that it features up to 4 players (2v2)!

IMO, the PS3 has the better gameplay solely because of the mobility. The Wii’s has the better balance for sure.

Damn, I don’t own a Wii. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what’s up with the sequel. If they decide to make one that is. You all know it’s coming.

Thanks for the input guys. Since I rely solely on online play because I don’t have any friends, I’ll pass on this installment.


PS2: Naruto Ulitmate Ninja 3, and Naruto Shippuden Accel 2 (which will be in the US next year IIRC)

Gamecube: Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4 and try to get a Action Replay with it :sweat:

PS3: Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm

That’s all you really need, you can buy the PS3 version if you like awesome Graphics but besides the one’s I said above are all you need :coffee:

Well said on both parts.

However, the sequel to EX2, EX3, is already out. If you’re interested in getting the Wii Naruto game(s), get EX3. o:

Of course, to me, Gekitou Ninja Taisen! 4 for the Gamecube is still my favorite. <3

I’d say the best Naruto games are Naruto GNT4 and Naruto GNT EX3 (I can’t speak for the Revolution series though… but they are in essence the same as GNT).
I just don’t like how Ultimate Ninja plays. So yeah, GNT4 and EX3 are my suggestions, but you might like Ultimate Ninja/Storm.

Ninja Storm is some of the most fun I have ever had playing a Naruto game, and really, I think it’s just a great game all around.

Amazing controls with lots of variety and very fast game play. It’s feels almost like Virtua-On but faster and smoother.

I can’t say that it will hold up and be fun at high-level, but its a damn good time from what I’ve played of it.

Ninja Storm is good, but I’ve gotta hype Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 as the current best. CONR3 is coming up soon and will have online play.

Ultimate Ninja Storm, by far. I have Clash of Ninja Revolution 1 for Wii and it’s . . . waggley. UNS looks amazing and it’s pretty fun, albeit circle-mashy.

Why is that? I’m sure I’d have to play it to fully understand, but could you explain why be played at high level. Is there a tier problem right now?


Playable or just support?

Naruto Shippuden CON REV 3 for tthe wii is from what I read going to be based off of GNT 4’s gravity which still holds a special place in naruto fighters hearts. It’ll have online and it’ll also have 2 on 2 with assists. It’ll also have Granny Chiyo as a playable character for the first time anywhere. I’ve been posting up info as in the Wii thread as it’s been showing up.

Ultimate Ninja Storm = DBZ Tenkaichi series
GNT/CON = closest to a traditional fighter

I have yet to play Ultimate Ninja Storm at all yet and I would like to cause it looks like a lot of fun but I still prefer GNT/CON series out of all of them. Considering you don’t have a wii though I’d go with Ultimate Ninja Storm.

Hmm… the neg rep wasn’t needed but like I said imo

Naruto Ulitmate Ninja 3
Naruto Shippuden Accel 2

Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4 with a Action Replay

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm (It’s good, but I’ll stick to the standard NH series playstyle imo)

And get CON3 (Wii) if it has more characters than GNT4 (it has like 38 characters) :tup:

Just support.

I like the tradition feel of the Wii/Gamecube games but in four player mode it felt like two seperate 1 v 1 battles :\ I really hope UNS2 comes out, Shippuden would be nice but online play would be nicer.