Which new character are you most excited about for USF4?


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So fornicating disapointing capcom has become

Poison looks cool. I think Hugo (just like sfxt) looks dumb as hell. Rolento could have potential, and I don’t know enough about Elena.


Rolento easily, curious to try him
Hugo as opponent (i don’t have SFxT), is since SF3 that i want Gief to kick his ass


and if Ultra Gief can’t, go Vanilla Gief :smiley:


Mainly because her move set is new.


Poison and Decapre looks both fun to me, Rolento feels too cheap, am not grappler player for Hugo, and Elena … i dont know what to think about her


for the most hated character decapres leading the poll , interesting


i said Poison, but also Decapre.


The best addition to the SF4 cast, sans Viper, miss Decapre.

Poison is also acceptable, and Rolento still badass. As said above, Hugo looks dumb, and Elena, never cared for her, never will, i forgot she was being added.


Elena, I was pissed when they added Elena’s background but not Elena in SSFIV. Master level trolling by Ono ahaha.


One butthurt whining fan will ever seem absolute majority over 10 quiet fans that are ok with it :smiley:


She’s leading the poll about which new character is most interesting.

In this poll, which has had more votes Decapre has 20% of the people that voted hating her.


Loved Poison in SFxT, I’m hoping for a good transition to Ultra.


Actually, it has about 30%, not 20%, and all your link proves is that 70% don’t hate the character, which is way more important.


Not really…cause overall people tend to avoid extreme reactions. The fact that 31% hate the character, while only 20% like her says a lot. You can look at the rest of the web and see that there is much dislike/hate towards the character and very few who think the character is more than mediocre. Also note the reaction from the top players, not a single smile, just disgruntled stone cold faces. Quite a few left the room.

Finally from youtube.

Ultra Poison trailer

470 likes, 98 dislikes. 83% like, 17% dislike.

Ultra Elena trailer

191 likes, 17 dislikes. 92% like, 8% dislike.

Ultra Rolento trailer

102 like, 9 dislike. 92% like, 8% dislike.

Ultra Hugo trailer

116 like, 10 dislike. 92% like, 8% dislike.

Ultra Decapre trailer

1896 like, 3648 dislike. 66% dislike, 34% like.


That doesn’t equate to “not really”. People picking out their character are voting for the “hated” one. That also says more than youtube likes, which isn’t even a vote. You can even read the comments of the video for why, it’s a shitload of “bawwwwww I expected my favorite character from a past SF game, not this character bawwwwww”. Despite the fact that Capcom already said the character has never been in a past SF game. A group reaction like that would have applied to any character, it’s just stupid people on youtube as usual.


speaking of liking youtube… people just like the dumbest things on there, and i’m mainly talking about comments so I would understand the dislikes for decapre. Some people like to dislike without knowing.


Rolento then Poison for me. I loved Rolento in alpha/cvs2 and while I don’t like how slow they made him in SFxT I liked him there too.

Poison I’m interested in mainly because I REALLY think her move set will work better in SF4 than it did in SFxT. I felt that way since she was first released in SFxT. Her pokes are really good.


It is Poison first and then Decapre. Poison is just very fun to use and love using her with Nina in SfxT for easy 440 damage combos. Decapre because of the theme but I like Poison’s too…Capcom must release these themes!!!


Decapre is the only new character I actually care about.


Similar poll on the front page of SRK. Results looks different, though: http://shoryuken.com/2014/03/22/what-do-you-think-of-ultra-street-fighter-ivs-newcomers-let-us-know/