Which New Xbox 360 Fighting Game to Start With?

Hi Shoryuken Forums!

I just ordered a Round 2 TE Fightstick in hopes of becoming competitive at fighting games, purchasing the stick was something to get me to commit to practicing and learning to be better at fighting games.

But I’m stuck between Super Street Fighter IV and BlazBlue: Continuum Shift

I like them both alot, but to start, I can only afford one of them…

I played both, Street Fighter IV, and BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger and they were both very enjoyable…

Some advice about features in the new games, or just generally good reasons to get either one would be greatly appreciated! Thanks =D

Super is easy to get the basics. But hard to master. I will admit BB:CS has a really strict learning curve. So i would suggest you get super first.

If you want to go competetive Super Street Fighter IV has a larger competetive scene.

SSFIV is an excellent place to start learning Fighting games. I will help you learn and develop all the basic skills you need like zoning and footsies which you can transfer to other games. BB:CT is good in its own right but I recommend SSFIV

I would definitely recommend going with SSFIV first. I’ve played both games, and I’ve noticed that BB:CT can be a significantly harder game to get into. The timings are a bit more strict, and you’re going to have to learn a bunch of different inputs, some that are not in SSFIV.

Remember. You’re on SRK. Most people are going to say SSFIV here. If you ask on dustloop, people are going to be biased towards BB:CT.


But honestly I play both a ton, and it depends on what you’re looking for in a game.

BBCS: More masher friendly at low levels of play and you can do cool shit much easier, but getting to a high level of play takes a LOT more work than SSF4 IMO. Spacing and footsies are so much more complex due to all the movement options and the faster pace of the game, and combos in general are harder to execute usually if we’re referring to high damage combos.

SSF4: Very easy to pick up as well, but you can’t just hit buttons and succeed like in BBCS, because you can’t just link pretty much every move together and have them connect as a combo or at least a “combo” (connects but the other person COULD have prevented it). There are more annoying noob tactics in SSF4 that are harder to counter with worthwhile damage for a beginner than noob tactics in BBCS are. However, there’s a lot less execution required to succeed.

In the long run, I’d say SSF4 is the best bet for a FG noob, because provided you can get over wanting to sink to the levels of noobs and just mash SRK all day, and you actually stick to Endless and offline play and try to learn fundamentals, you will be able to learn very good fundamentals from SSF4 and they will help carry over into other games.