Which non-MS 360 pad has a good d-pad?


I see tons of 360 pads that “look” like the D pad should be good for fighters. All I know is most of these are used for padhacks in the FGC, but what about those who actually use them in fighters, as they are? Also I’m talking about ones with 4 face buttons + top buttons. No 6 button pads.

My standard 360 pad actually seems to be getting WORSE as time passes, and I had an eTokki 360 > PS2 which was a godsend but it failed after such a short time, its not an option.


29, been playing since WW, have used pad on every game since, and the same button setup, its not gonna change.

In SNES/PS/360 nomenclature :

lp = R/R1/RB
mp = Y/Sq/X
hp = X/Tr/Y
lk = L/L1/LB
mk = B/X/A
hk = A/O/B

All my muscle memory is for that setup. Thanks.


Good non-MS 360 d-pad is a pleonasm.

The Madcatz d-pads are good. Until they break, that is: they are not robust at all.


or get a converter and use a dualshock 3.


Use the analog stick?


DS3 actually sucks.

I do use R2/L2 for x3, and when playing on actual DS3 supers/ultra actually dont come out AND they can be easily pressed by accident. 360 triggers dont have that problem. Obviously the DS2 doesnt have that problem since they are buttons and not flippers.

But just in case who makes a DS3 converter?


the Hori ex Turbo pad has a very good d-pad on it.



Well let me ask you a question OP since you have been playing on pad since WW. What pad have you liked the most? You can always just find the pad you liked the most and then get a project box setup going.


I’ve tried the “Play and Charge” 360 pad, with the D-Pad you can transform to something higher and it works way better than the stock 360 pad.


Other than that, follow Tim’s advice and get one modded to work with a project box.

SBO used the MadCatz MLG Pro-Circuit for pad players on UMvC3 and SCV based on the recommendation of Shining Decopon (EVO2k12 SCV champ). So you might want to look into those as well.

The modules for the pad and analog sticks can be swapped out for different configs and pad types.


I’d highly recommend the MLG controller for pad players. They’re a bit hefty in price but it’s the only way you’ll get a ps3 d pad on Xbox without using a converter. Converters also add latency to inputs so you shouldn’t use converters at all. If you can’t afford 100 bucks for the MLG controller, get the transforming d pad controller Microsoft developed. It’s no ps3 pad but it’s dam good


I’ve heard nothing but bad things about trying to use the MLG pad for fighters, its in accurate and tends to hit directions you didn’t mean to press. And this is for both the PS and Cross style dpad attachments.


I got the transforming 360 pad for this very reason and the d-pad cracked and fell off within a month. Then again, I’m a Marvel player.


I bought the silver switching 360 d-pad and returned it the next day. Shit sucks. It’s just as bad as regular 260 d-pad IMO. For reference, I tested it on Soul Calibur V. It was registering cardinal directions when I was pressing for intermediate directions.


You can try getting an “FGW Convertor” you or a modder can hack it for you, then hack together a xbox 360 project box. It is a complicated mod, but you can make a stock PS1, SNES, or Sega Saturn pad work for what ever system.


In the above thread, scroll to this picture, but you will need to know the info from the beginning of the thread.


Why even use an fg widget when you can skip the middle man and go straight to the pcb. Unless I am missing something.


The fg widget is easier than permanently modding a controller for 360. Its still difficult for some people but its easier than hacking a pad by adding 360 pcb


There’s also the fight pad D style you can purchase for your MLG controller


The Hori EX2 which hori designed for fighters the only issue is the buttons are on the small side


Ah I see. It keeps functionality of the original controller for the original system. I still think in the case of a snes pad or psx pad it is still easier to just remove the chip and solder grnd and signals. Plus those controllers are cheap nowadays like less than 10 bux


well for 360 support you need the whole pcb not just a chip so you have to salvage a small board that can fit inside the controller like a TE/SE pcb


Well what I meant is to cut off the chip from the psx or snes pad so you could use the controller pcb as nothing more than buttons. You follow the traces on the pcb for the buttons and connect those to a db15 which then connects to a project box. In other words if you think of the pad now as nothing more than an empty arcade stick(buttons and joystick) you just need to connect it to the pcb(project box). The reason for cutting off the chip is so you don’t have to worry about anything screwy like connecting the vcc to each other because the snes/psx most likely share different voltage than the 360 pcb anyway.