Which of Rolento's moves need to be RC'ed?



i’m not very good at roll cancelling because i’ve never really tried it. but since our arcade is getting a cvs2 machine now, i figure i might as well learn it. rolento is one of my better characters, which of his moves NEED to be RC’ed?

i’d imagine scouter jump would be it right? since that is the one that puts you in harms way really quick. and when you RC the scouter jump, when do you get invincibility?



RC scooter jump to attack isn’t necessary. None of rolentos moves really NEED to be rcd. RCing them can help you out lots though. I often RC wall jump if im cornered… (i find it easier to press than rc scooter jump) occasionally i’ll rc patriot through fireball rushdown to screw with their patterns… or like gunter said to chip away for a kill.


so basically i don’t NEED RC’s with rolento, but they can help in certain situations?

and Gwai Lo 1/2, that’s probably one of the sweetest avatars i’ve ever seen, who made it for you?


I did… thanks! :slight_smile:

Yea, none of his moves should be consistently RCd imo, as RCs only give you invincibility at the start of the move, doing scooter jump (which is usually from quite far) rc you will still be vulnerable to attack when you actually reach the person. So RC scooter is better as a run away imo, or mayeb if they throw an air fireball you can rc scooter (at the last second) through it and either hit them in recovery or just hit them because they aren’t expecting it. RC scooter I have to shift my hands too much though >_<


Hey gwai-lo, you mention shifting yer hands and stuff when you do the RC scouter jump…
I’m guessing that you’re doing it this way:

roll with thumb and index finger
then slide to forward+roundhouse with the middle and other (the finger between middle and pinky) finger.
this method causes your fingers (minus pinky) to be positioned in a VERY uncomfortable manner…

I’m guessing you do it like this because that’s the way I do it (I RC hop with a-Blanka), and I also find myself putting my fingers in an awkward position everytime I go for the move.
This method works pretty well for jap-stick setups (buttons are slanted and closer together), but it sucks ass when you try it on US-stick setups because the buttons are NOT slanted, and are generally a little further apart from each other…

I’ve tried messing around with a few other ways to RC kk moves but NOTHING seems as easy to do as the method I mentioned above. Does anyone know of a better way to do it (at least something that’s a little more comfortable on the US-stick setup)?


When I RC Zangief’s Kick Lariat (same input as Scouter Jump), I position my index and thumb on Jab and Short, then FOLD my fingers in and use the first KNUCKLES on my middle and ring fingers for forward and roundhouse. This way, you can easily roll your hand/fist from roll to the kicks needed for the special.


try roll cancelling db jab as an anti air in corner for a throw or a combo, cheez.


This is how I do it. It causes my hands to be too tense and shiet throughout the match… and unfolding my hands afterwards takes longer so it’s harder to do moves quickly … that’s just my problems, i dunno if anyone else sees it like that…