Which of the new titles will be considered for evo?


i’m just asking which of the many new games coming out this year will be considered for evolution… i understand that most won’t come out in time for 08… but when they do which ones will get the passing grade… will sf 4 automatically get the nod… i believe that smash brawl, sfII turbo hd remix, and tekken 6 will simply be the new standard like we do with ggac… but the others are open… i purpose we have a vote and discussion… i believe when the games come out we will be able to better judge them and make a strong choice… though i still want to know what people are thinking now… i truly don’t believe we can have them all… that would be to many games and very large event…

new titles for consideration
sf 4
blaze blue
arcana heart 2
kof XII
kof 98 ultimate(sorry if this is wrong)
samurai showdown sen
sengoku basara x (cross)???
melty blood ac

upgraded titles already in evo
tekken 6
super smash bros brawl
sfII turbo hd remix

old titles
sfIII 3rd strike
sfII super turbo
marvel vs capcom 2
capcom vs snk 2
teken 5 dr

though it would be nice…

so my question is what games would yyou like to see included in future evolution tournements… and what games do you plan on having local events for…??? in the poll i exclude games that i felt where just upgrades like tekken and brawl…


the ones that lots of people show up for tournaments for


None of them. How many are gonna be out by Evo?


SF4, HD Remix, Brawl, & Tekken 6 = duh. 4 should replace 3rd Strike eventually - maybe Evo would run both games the first year, then drop 3rd afterward.

Blazblue will likely replace Guilty Gear if it doesn’t suck. I am 95% certain that Evo will not include both, and they generally prefer the newer, prettier stuff.

I don’t think the VF5 upgrade will come to consoles, in which case it will mostly be excluded from the American scene ala Final Tuned.

KOF 12 has a real shot, as its graphics have gotten a lot of people interested in SNK again. The community just needs to make the kind of unified, focused effort that the Arcana people have.

Marvel will remain a lock for the near future. CvS2 is on less sure footing, and I could see it being dropped within the next couple years.

I don’t see any of the animu fighters except GGXX/Blazblue making it in.

Soul Calibur IV is a legit sleeper candidate IMO. SC2 drew decent numbers at Evo, and the community has historically been motivated. They actually ran their own entire nationals for console SC3, even though almost nobody liked the game; it included regional qualifiers ala SBO, and Canada, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic all got involved as well! The vast majority of the qualifiers made it to the tourney (maybe 3-4 top players were missing), and the Dominican won the whole thing. Honestly, one of the most impressive community efforts I’ve ever seen, especially given that I don’t think this even had Namco sponsorship.

Combine this with the optimism surrounding SC4 itself - Darth Vader & Yoda to draw in a wider audience, and the game not looking like crap to the tournament veterans - and you have a possible winner here. I do wonder if the Evo staff isn’t still mad at the SC community for 2004; for those who don’t remember, the top two players agreed to split the pot, and just picked random select and dicked around in the grand finals. I can’t imagine this would still be a hurdle years later, but you never know…



wheres smash?


I think you both need to re-read his post.


3rd Strike won’t be dropped for a long while I don’t think. Not with people coming out of the woodwork to play that game at every other regional tourney. 3S still brings numbers and I doubt SFIV will diminish those numbers so much to totally take it out. I see Marvel staying for a while too and that would have to go before 3S would get taken out. It’s just too popular among the SF community. It would take a staff overruling to take 3rd Strike out which would only create a huge uproar among fans of the game. I don’t care how many people show up for Marvel each year…if they remove Marvel SRK will explode. They have EXTREMELY devoted players and it’s definitely one of the most hype Evo games. I can only imagine what would happen if SF3 got removed if it stays anywhere near as popular as it is today.

Sure…Evo is definitely these days about embracing all fighting games including the newer games. At the same time I’m sure Evo staff is aware that there are certain games in the SF community that you just can’t mess with right now. Marvel and 3S are 2 of them. CVS2 gets a lot of hate and doesn’t really bring much more numbers than Marvel or 3S…but I wouldn’t expect CVS2 to go out without a good bit of drama either. Some games will eventually get reduced to “side tourney” games but it’ll be really tough IMO for people to accept playing Marvel or especially 3S as a side tourney game. It’s either all in or not at all for those communities I think.

I’m kinda at a “I dunno” stage with HD Remix. It seems fun but I dunno how the community is gonna take to the game. I mean…people will always love ST but it’s a matter of whether they will be convinced to go to a remake of ST. It seems that some people are looking forward to playing the arranged mode for the game but I’m not sure the old hardcore guys will be accepting of that. Especially when they’re already so critical over every port of ST that has ever been released in the first place. I see HD Remix creating a lot of drama before it really takes off or gets taken out.


I wouldn’t rule out SCIV just because 3 was trash. Assuming the games come out by evo time.

SCIV replaces VF5
Tekken 6 replaces Tekken 5
SF2HD replaces Turbo
SFIV replaces SFIII(maybe)
MVC2 stays
Brawl replaces Melee
Blaze replaces GG (maybe)
KOFXII replaces CVS2(maybe)

Man it must suck to organize this with so much potential and so much drama to follow it.


I’m pretty sure Evo staff would be interested in having SF4, but since Evo is a console tournament that may not be possible until next year.


Onslaught, a lot of this stuff will not be an issue this year - I am thinking of SF4/Blazblue/KOF12. Those games will come into play in '09 most likely. Probably T6 as well, as I have no idea when that’s coming to console.

For this year, it seems Evo wants to run fewer games so as to avoid the 1-game issues. VF5, CvS2, and GGXX are the possible casualties. Brawl will replace Melee. I think HD Remix will replace ST. I’m not sure if there will be room for SC4 this year.

And DevilJin, the old-school players will be more comfortable with a game that they KNOW has been drastically changed (HD Remix) than ports that try to emulate the arcade and fail (PSX, CCC2).


^^^ Exactly. Even if SFIV were to push 3S or any other game off the Evo boat…because of the console rules it won’t be doing that for more than a year at least.


I know I’m not realistically expecting most until 09, but I’m just assuming in general.


reguarding the idea of switching sf 4 for sf 3 i feel that will never happen… i believe most people are having a misunderstanding about sf series… like marvel and cvs had multiple upgrades each of the sf had multiple upgrades… in there series though each sf is a sequel, each is also a separate game… lets not review sf2 that would take all day… but sf alpha went alpha 1 2 and 3 then sf 3 went sf 3 new beginning, sf 3 second impact, and sf 3 third strike… alpha 3 & 3rd strike are that last in theirs series not a replacement of another but 2 separte games… but take guilty gear series and from guilty gear to acent core each is an upgrade of the same game… so more than likely sf 4 will have its own set of upgrades and improvements over the years… but it will never replace 3…

the best way to sum up what im saying here is… if you are to say that sf 4 would replace sf 3 using that same logic then sf 3 should of replaced sf alpha and sf alpha should replace sf 2… but as we all know sf 2, sf alpha, and sf 3 are all completely different games… no one should replace the other… the only reason we don’t play alpha is because in the past it was so hard to get an copy(arcade perfect copy) for people to pratice on and build a strong following… yes now it is available to little to late though…


I honestly don’t understand the purpose of having Brawl. Doesn’t that scene already have nearly unlimited resources in the US from which to run their own tournaments? And is there any empirical evidence that players who exclusively joined Smash at their first Evo joined another game(s) in a later year? That’s something I’ve always wondered.

I’d also cry if they bother keeping CvS2 with enough other great games on the horizon. In the past I thought the more the merrier, but based on what I have heard recently like certain games being downgraded to single game due to high turnout (lol) and lack of equipment, I guess not every ancient game can be kept on forever. Here’s my take on the next couple of years:

-3S, Marvel, STHD
-AC, AH Full?

Notes: I do think Tekken should be there but I’m not sure if the community wants an outdated installment of the series to be a main Evo game. SC4 also won’t be out by the earlier qualifiers.

-SF4, 3S, Marvel, STHD
-Blazblue, KOF XII

Note: Now VF5 is in a similar position Tekken was in in 2008. VF5 console is outdated and VF5R might not even come to consoles.




Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t EVO trying to trying to reduce the number of featured games from 8 to 6? If so, that’s not going to leave a lot of room for new games in 2009 when most of these games get console releases.

With EVO’s blatant Capcom and Namco bias, here’s how I see 2009’s roster:

1 & 2) SF4 and 3S will co-exist for a while. I’d be willing to bet that half the 3S players give SF4 about a week before they realize it’s a different game and go back to sucking on 3S’s old wrinkly teat.
3) Super Turbo HD Remix is the EVO admin’s pet project, and it’s not going anywhere
4) Tekken 6 isn’t going anywhere
5) Soul Calibur 4 will be featured AT LEAST for one year whether it’s total shit or not. Even if it is, the only thing that could possibly go in its place is another pretty 3-D game like VF5.
6) Smash because EVO needs $$$ to keep going
7) Marvel
and IF there’s still an 8th spot
8) Mario (insert sport)

Oops…that’s all of the spots. No room for CvS2, GG, or BlazBlue. :sad:
EVO: Oh well, you CvS2 and GG players are still welcome to hang out. Try training in games that WE care about next year. Buy Toyota Yaris!

What about KOF 12? Arcana Heart 2?
EVO: HAHAHA. Go wack yourself off to hentai, fanboy scrub.


jesus christ, what the fuck is your problem?

evo runs the games that the most people consistently turn out for at other big tournaments, plus ST (because it’s the best iteration of the game that started it all, and it’s important to recognize that even if its popularity is flagging), plus some wildcard game like doa4 or vf5, probably just to have something that actually looks decent in there for promotional purposes. why are you acting like they just pick the games according to their personal whims?


Yeah…AFAIK Evo staff really likes GG as a game. They just don’t like the lazy players that can’t show up for the finals of a world tourney on time.


All of them could be played at EVO but I’d like to see KoF 98UM as a major game. And if BlazBlue really does replace GG I’d like to see it as a major game too.


Fucking all of them.

ANIMEVO what’s goooooooooooooooood