Which of these 3 chars is more beginner friendly? Chun, Cammy or Karin?


Thanks to my brother now I’ve got SFV on my computer. I’m eager to get started but before I dive in I’d like to know which of these three characters is best for a novice. I love Chun but it seems that I’d need to master tiger knee air lightning kicks but I don’t own a stick (yet) and I can’t get it to work on a PS3 pad. On the other hand I always wanted to learn Karin and Cammy but I have no idea how high is their learning curve.

Thanks in advance for the replies, you’ve always been a great community!


Interesting. There was another thread that asked about Cammy and Chun a while ago. I guess people just like those girls with the buttons.

Cammy easily. The other two require more execution/time investment though Karin would be a better second choice. I wouldn’t recommend Chun as she’s the most time sink as far as getting strong with her.


Well, if you’re having issues with TK IALL you’ll have issues doing TK Cannon Strike with Cammy too. The only hard thing to do with Karin execution wise might be canceling the cr. MK into JF Tenko (and mastering JF Tenko itself), otherwise it’s pretty easy. A friend of mine plays Karin on pad and he absolutely has no issues executing everything. Generally speaking though Cammy’s much easier to learn than both Karin or Chun.


Cammy definitely, since she’s pretty simple. Easy offensive game (up to a certain point), easy to optimize damage, easy anti airs (B+MP alone can carry you to silver)


Cammy is one of the easiest characters in the game for sure. Chun not so much and karin has some tricky stuff too


Cammy is easier, but do note that you have to be good with hit confirming. When I started playing with her, I keep doing the spiral arrow after the crouch LP’s cancel window is over, and I got punished hard for it. Other than that, she is the easier of the 3 to pick up and play.


The hardest part of cammy is you’ll reach a psychological road block faster than some others.

You really need to learn how to condition people so you can get your frame traps going. she demands that you play solid. This is a blessing and a curse


The execution in this game? pretty much anybody would be a good pick : /


Thank you all for your help, I decided to start with Cammy since she’s always been one of those characters I really wanted to master. Perhaps in the future I’ll learn both Chun and Karin,


look at second hand shops, you should be able to find a Xbox360 Stick for very cheap that will work on your computer.


I’ve been having some issues trying to do cannon strike at the proper distance so maybe Cammy isn’t a viable option until I get a fightstick. Since I’m a beginner someone recommended Dictator. Is he a good choice?


Regular CS is almost always negative on block and in some instances even punishable. It isn’t a tool to use to get in with, it does have it’s uses though but it shouldn’t be something you rely on, AT ALL.
Using light CS during neutrla you can bait things such as AA specials(Ryu shoryuken, Guile Flashkick, it’s still hard to get proper spacing). You also use a regular divekick to alter jump trajectory, so it’s decent against AA normals, when jumping you use it for a short delay. An example is doing heavy CS against Chun her st.lk AA.

You can also use it in some offensive situations, use a few blocked normals and if you anticipate the opponent to press a button you can try a medium or hevay regular CS to get over it. This is not something you should rely on at all. Overall her regular CS is not that good.

You work your way in with Cammy by playing a solid neutral game with your normals, having the threat of EX CS to make opponent hesitant to play neutral with you which opens up jumps and dashes for you.

Cammy is a VERY straightforward which is all around solid and her execution barrier is low.
You don’t TK regular CS, only EX. Even then, there aren’t many situations you have to TK an EX CS either. Simply hold upforward and perform qcb+k(k) motion, nothing difficult about it.


Thanks for the advice! I was already developing a headache trying to figure out how long it’d take me to master CS. Now I can be more relaxed about its execution and concentrate on improving my neutral game.


Anti-airing is what you will learn first,since Cammy is basicly a walking anti-air gun.

Remember to take your time with her, slow and carefull playing Cammys have the ability to confuse their opponents,because they just don’t rush in.

Oh and look at my signature if you need more infos about her.