Which of these arcade sticks is better?


I dont have much money, so I was looking for a cheap arcade stick. I found three that I have my eyes on.

Hori EX2: Amazon.com: Xbox360 Fighting Stick EX 2: Video Games

Tekken 6 bundle: Amazon.com: Tekken 6 Limited Edition Wireless Fight Stick Bundle: Xbox 360: Video Games

Joytron Revolution: http://www.etokki.com/Joytron%20Paewang%20Revolution%20arcade%20stick

Just looking for opinions.

EDIT: going to get a wwe brawl stick, since it is also cheap and easily upgradeable


I would choose the EX2. The Tekken 6 stick is too light.


Are you sure you can’t wait and save your money for a brawl stick? $50 dollars for an EX2 is just way too much IMO.

And i’d rather play on pad then use the wireless Tekken stick (known to drop inputs).

Brawl stick or TE>both of those


Don’t get the Tekken stick. It’s wireless, and had a tendency to drop inputs (bad for learning).

In general, I think you should get a SE / Brawstick if you want a cheap stick, or a TE if you want a good one.


I wouldnt get either one…ive used both…they suck…u should save up for a TE Stick, its worth it…u would be wasting money on those other sticks

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Check out the Arcade Stick FAQ in the newbie section for advice (including opinions on both of those sticks).


ok I’m seeing a lot of people telling me to not get either, and to just save up money to buy a $150-200 stick. thats not happening. If my friends ever found out that i spent over a hundred dollars on an arcade stick just so i can become better at MvC3 online, i’d be a laughing stock. I guess I’m just gonna stick to the gamepad and never play online.

EDIT: holy crap. I think I found something: http://www.etokki.com/Joytron%20Paewang%20Revolution%20arcade%20stick

Great reviews and a great price. What’s not to love?


Laughing stock for having a TE stick? I would think you’d be more concerned with the dropped inputs and general crappiness of the choices you were considering. As they’re going to have a significant impact on your game.


which is why i might now be sticking with just the gamepad.

unless you guys give me the thumbs up for this product: Joytron Paewang Revolution

it only has 3 reviews but they’re all perfect. what do ya think?


tell them you got it for $50 off of craigslist. Who cares what your friends think. If they are that judgemental they probably aint good friends. Its not like you are buying a Dildo.

The price of shipping makes the wwe stick a better deal on the gameshark store.


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  1. the investing of money or capital in order to gain profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in value.

Like I said, you can get the Brawl Stick instead which is $20 more than the Tekken bundle. It’s your loss if you choose to disregard what the TE offers you.

And lol at your friends.


a $150 dildo isn’t a bad idea… wait what were we talking about?


Ok remembered what i came here for. so now it’s a battle between the wwe stick and the revolution stick, mentioned in my earlier post.


Well unless you live in Korea shipping was going to be $40. I would get the WWE stick because you can pop in sanwa parts only using just a screw driver. The paewang not so much.


WWE stick comes with pretty good parts already (Madcatz 2nd edition Sanwa-clones).

Play that sucker until it breaks.


That flagrant post he made earlier tells me he does not care much for future enhancements to a stick’s functionality at this point.


the brawl stick it is then! also the only reason i wouldn’t mod an existing stick, is because of soldering. im scared of power tools. i would love to upgrade it with just a screwdriver!


Funny you should mention that…


The insides of the Brawl stick will look essentially like the pics from this thread.
As you can see, no soldering required! :tup:


EX2: Soldered parts with Hori clone parts. If anything breaks down, you’re gonna be spending more money into it.
T6 Wireless Stick: No idea about the innards but it’s tiny and again, Hori clone parts.
Joytron Revolution: Dual compatible PCB but I’ve heard stories of it requiring a bit of work before it becomes a good stick.

In the long run, with any of the sticks you’re suggesting, you’ll be investing time and money costing more than a standard level arcade stick. Hori clone parts are better than Madcatz’s SE clone parts but anything with constant wear will cost you to replace/repair parts. The only viable stick that’s really worth it is the Brawlstick, higher quality parts(Stick itself has good parts in it while the buttons are from the Tatsunoko vs Capcom stick which have proven to be good buttons). In comparison to the SE stick, you won’t be required to change parts out of the box.

There’s always the trading post/local classifieds. If you’re tight on cash, go look for second hand Hori Real Arcade Pro EX/EX-SE or one of the sticks you’re looking for already modified(some people actually sell the EX2 with quick disconnects and Sanwa parts for around $80 or less from what I’ve seen). I just found a (somewhat limited) Real Arcade Pro EX-SE Mushihimesama Futari edition(green EX-SE) for $100 mint condition. Much like most of the members here suggesting not to buy the sticks you’re suggesting, we most likely have experience with these entry level sticks and I’m sure you’ll have regrets later on when something breaks down or isn’t working probably.


Just get a Hori VLX?