Which of these characters is better suited for competitive play in tournys?


-T Hawk
-Evil Ryu

List them consecutively in which you think is better for competitive tournaments.


-Choose my character thread?


maybe yun

forget about the rest


None… if you suck.


Firstly, a little manners would be nice. Secondly:
Gouken/ Deejay/ T Hawk/ Evil Ryu/ Dudley/ Juri/ Adon/ Yun

If you don’t follow, the best character for YOU in tournaments is the character YOU feel is best suited for you.


not dudley


Adon, that’s it


If you make threads like this rather than thinking for yourself and/or gathering information instead of getting spoonfed, you won’t ever place well in any tourney anyhow. Just play who you like.


This…or Birdie