Which of these GPUs is better?

I’m parting off several of my old PCs and a friend is buying some parts. However I have a 128mb ATI Radeon 9600 Pro and the friend has a 128mb ATI Radeon x300. We got our PCs around the same time so I was just wondering if anyone knows which is better? He is interested in it but there isn’t much use in selling it to him if its a downgrade.


I believe the 9600 is more powerful, but the x300 has newer technology and maybe a higher level DXLever. However, the 9600 is probably AGP and the x300 is probably PCI-E, unless it is onboard.


The x300 is basically equivalent to an onboard video card on most motherboards. It’s not worth shit in any gaming aside from very low detail settings and resolutions.

The 9600 isn’t going to have as high of a pixel shader version on it (so some newer games will either be incompatible or need it turned off).

A 9600 will still get some decent results on lower settings on newer games and medium-high on older stuff (like 2002-2005 range)

But like the poster above said, you’ll only be able to give him the one his motherboard will take.