Which of these SF characters do you like the most?


Which of these characters do like the most? (ignore the duplicates)







Chun Li +1

Tom Brady +2 :wink:
Scorpion +1


I like Tom Brady the most.


I like the real Tom Brady


^ Asian Wife- Chun Li?


Mortal Kombat 3 was my favorite Street Fighter, let me know when they get dolled up. Especially if Scorpion has his patented double Repukken.


Tom Brady is +2 :wink:


yo what’s up with lips on the black characters


why isnt this horrible travesty of a thread in fighting game discussion?


Because some of the characters are drawn that way.


But indeed Dhalsim and Deejay aren’t.

Because i didn’t think it was specifically related to game content. Just to know which of these drawings is more popular. But if it needs to be moved, my apologies.


is this shit even legal?



Yeh exactly, only Birdie has looked like that.

The Imagemishmash forum would probably more suitable for this topic


You’re probably right. Can this be moved?

I guess that reply comes as a concern? But this ‘shit’ is indeed pending and i will sell as soon as licensing is covered.
I love Edisons artwork, the characters from Capcom that I literally grew up with and love the challenge of making these tangible.