Which of these two gaming laptops is better?

I’m finally ready to buy a gaming laptop and have narrowed my choice down to two. I need help deciding which one will be up to date the longest and be the best value. I’d really appreciate the input. Also, if these are already outdated, let me know that too and I’ll start my search over.



Okay TBH I would go with the Battalion.

and since your buying a laptop in this caliber of desktop replacement gaming computers then video card is going to one of the primary component.
If it were me i would be going for the Battalion over the Asus. Most of the other specs are similar and gaming relies more and more heavily on video card power mixed with CPU/RAM as backup.

I also depends on your use for it however, If you want to watch more videos and edit things or have alot of space power for everyday use with subpar graphics to the Battalion you could go with the ASUS.

The Battalion lacks the RAM and Storage the ASUS has but makes up for it in Graphics. If it were an everday machine go with the ASUS, for gaming only and the GB storage isnt an issue go with the Batt.

either way you’ll be good they both have good graphic card and i7

Is the Battalion’s hard drive 7200RPM? If not, than I’d get the ASUS hand’s down. I like the ASUS more either way honestly. I’m sure there’s a price difference. Check out newegg and sort the laptops by dedicated gpu. You might see some other choices you like.

ASUS. My friend owns one and it is fantastic!

If you’ve definitely narrowed it down to these two, get the Asus.

You can tell from the processor model numbers that the Battalion hasn’t made the leap to Sandy Bridge processors, while the Asus has (it’s 3 digit Intel model numbers vs. 4 digit model numbers). That means the Asus will probably give the Batallion a good run for its money, while saving you some cash. Similarly the Batallion has 1 GB of VRAM with between two crossfire GPUs, while the Asus is using 3GB of VRAM in just one. Newer more powerful GPUs typically tend to run much faster than x2 older linked GPUs.

If you’re still open to others, take the model numbers from the ASUS and see if you can grab something comparable that’s easy to open up for a couple hundred cheaper with less R.A.M. Installing laptop R.A.M. can be just as loading an N.E.S. cartridge once you’ve opened it up… x2 4GB gigs of aftermarket stuff only costs 'bout $80 on Newegg, while I’m pretty sure the manufacturer’s would charge more like $200… I highly doubt you’ll need more than 8 gigs total before the price of individual 8 gig sticks comes down to something reasonable.

Extra RAM doesn’t really make your computer faster so much as it keeps it from slowing down from increased H.D.D. accesses so having more than you use at any given time is a total waste…

Thanks for the help, everyone. I’ve decided to go with the ASUS