Which old chars gain new moves?

I saw Iron Man’s Proton Cannon its now in two directions as Ryu’s Shinku Hadouken, anything else?

If you consider Viewtiful Joe an “old” character, since he’s been in TvC, I’d like to see him have some new moves, and not a copy-paste version of his TvC incarnation.

Iron-Man has a new Hyper.

VJoe did get new moves. IM as well, Hulk…

Doctor Doom got a new move as well, and his Sphere Flame has new properties.

Felicia has a few like her dodge and meter build. I bet most characters will get something new by the release.

Not really new moves per se (except for Morgs).

Morrigan has flight mode and her Soul Fish can be angled.

Cap’s Shield Slash now hits on the way back.

Ryu can aim his Shinkuu Hadouken somewhat similar to (but not as quickly) as Cyclops’ aimable Optic Blast hyper.

I’m not sure id deadpool is new or old but he can do a fake shoryuken now.
Also Shield slash can hit you on the way back in MvC2

Give Chun Li all her moves from every single game she’s been in, plz capcom do this.

Well…this is a short list!

It could? Hmm, should give MvC2 Cap a spin, haven’t touched him in that game in forever (last time I played Cap was in MvSF). Question, could it hit you on the way back even if it already hit you once in MvC2 as well?

I played Cap a good bit, and I can’t recall the shield ever hitting the opponent on the way back.

Nah, once it hits the opponent, the shield bounces right back to Cap.

Edit: It doesn’t hit on the way back at all.

So the 2 hit back and forth thing is new to MvC3.

Shouldnt Joe’s vOOMERANG come back and hit foes?

Nice try Clover4lyfe. Please don’t make duplicate accounts after being banned again.

Just remembered, Morrigan and Felicia got their Dark Forces from Vampire Savior.

Captain America’s Shield Slash hitting twice is new to MvC3, but I’m pretty sure the idea of it hitting twice was derived from Ken the Eagle’s charge back, forward+attack Bird Run projectile. However, Captain America seems to have some fancy juggle properties on airborne opponents, being able to use Shield Slash in the middle of a combo into Charging Star -> Charging Star super or Final Justice.